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1992, Mazda MX-6 2.5L V6
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Hi, I'm hoping someone here can help me. I know I have probably left it a few years too late but can anyone help me adjust my Aussie ESPEC headlights on my Mazda MX-6 GE coupe.

From ever since I bought my car many years ago I have always had an issue with my driver side horizontal headlight adjustment, the low beam headlights always seems to have a giant triangular shadow down the middle making it hard to see at night.
I will try update this post with pics when I can (My car is away getting some major work done) but I have tried even swapping both headlights with another pair I had and it still looks exactly the same. There has to be something adjusting the headlights in such a way but I don't recall seeing any sort of buttons at all. I am aware there are some sort of motors on these espec lights but I have no idea how they are controlled.
Does anyone know how to adjust these headlights at all so I can actually see at night without switching on my high beams or driving like a granny.
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