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So this it what happens...(keep in mind I dont know a lot about cars) When ever I drive hard, my first and second gear shifts are smooth like silk. BUT... when I attempt to hammer it into third.,. it feels like a CRUNCH!!! If I ease it in it works fine... this happens more so at higher RPMs..
can anyone tell me what this might be? and how much it should cost to get it fixed??? it is very frustrating because when I battle other cars(specifically Hondas) I lose an edge and end up shifting third to slow (fourth and fifth are fine aswell) please help thankx


Simple cause - expensive fix.

Your 2nd - 3rd gear synchronizer has worn down. You can probalby get one from your local dealer (OEM) for in the range of $50 - $100 maybe a little less, maybe a little more. Problem is - you have to drop the tranny and disassemble the transmission entirely. This is a common problem in any car that has a manual transmission, and even a few missed shifts or hard shifting can cause premature wear here. Alot of high-RPM shifts can also cause this because they force the synchro to work harder. One thing you do need to check is the level of fluid in your transmission, and make sure there is the correct amount. Also - a better gear oil such as Redline may also calm down this problem enough so that you could easily live with it.

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