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Exhaust Help Please!

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Allright i bought my 93' MX-6 about 3 weeks ago. About a week ago, i pulled up to a stock MX-6 and his car sounded NOTHING like mine. it was a lot more quiet, and buzzy. While mine was louder and more raspy (i made a video of it, and plan posting it later). When i got out, i noticed that the actual sound of the exhaust was coming out the side of car, rather the back? In fact very LITTLE exhaust came out even the back. Now the previous and only owner to my car was a 57 y/o female optomitrist, and i dout she did anything to it. In fact i even asked her :-X. Now finding this out i parked my car in my garage for the first time, and reved the engine a bit, and when i got out, the entire garage smelt like gasoline. I pulled out and did the same only standing at the back. I smelt the exhaust and it smelt like CLEAN gasoline. Now before i bought it, the lady took it in, and it passed emissios. So i dont think it has anything to do with my cat's.... I also researched on how much mpg i get. I waited until my car ran out of gas, then filled it up with 1 gallon. Now said i should get about 19-21 MPG, it burnt off at about 16 miles............ What could be the problem? It passed emissions, yet smells like clean gas. What MIGHT be the problem, and how could i fix it?
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I don't know if it has anything to do with your problem but my '93LS V-6 developed a crack in a crappy factory weld on the pre-silencer pipe that goes from the CAT to presilencer to muffler I think (the part was one long piece, i.e. part fails it all fails). This was at about 60k miles on mine. It wasn't particulary cheap to replace with the factory part and in retrospect I should have tried to have it welded back together. But as you can imagine the car sounded quite a bit different when replaced.

On to mileage, I wouldn't agree with this one gallon method for calculating mileage. I would fill up, drive for at least 60 miles the fill up again. Mileage = Miles driven/gallons to fill up second time. Sorry if that is obvious. My V-6 auto would get around 22-27mpg (city, hwy).

If the mileage really is that bad and there is really a strong gas smell under the car it would seem you have a couple problems. Exhaust and Fuel/Ignition issues.

Good luck.
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