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Ok so im thinking about buying the Borla Catback exhaust system. I was wondering how it sounds (if its deep or raspy or what) and what it looks like on the car. So can someone post a picture so i can see it. Iv tried searching for some but it didnt go to well.

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How about a video? This was with a cold air intake, headers, a high flow catalytic converter, and a borla catback.

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seeing that video hearing the way that sounds makes me want this exhaust even more :)
Here is mine.

I don't have headers yet, just stock logs for now.
But I do have cold air intake, high flow cat converter and Borla catback.

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ok so im really liking the way the borla sounds. How does the pacesetter sound? is it any better then the borla is?
Ya pacesetters sound a bit raspy lol.
a bit? lol the only pacesetter i've heard sounds insanely raspy lol and it will rust out, Borla is stainless and will last MUCH longer.
ok so pacesetter is out. I want more of a deeper tone. Especially because im putting it on an automatic :( so i need the best tone i can get.

Any opinions on this one? Iv never even heard of this brand.

Bosal Cat Back Exhausts - Stainless for 93-97 Mazda Mx-6 at Andy's Auto Sport
Bosal is alright, they're along the same lines as pacesetter though. I would go with the hotshot style headers on ebay, I just picked a set up for my mx6, they arrived yesterday. I have an auto as well and I'll post a sound clip/video this saturday once I get them installed.

As of now I have 2.25" pipes catback to a magnaflow muffler and it sounded pretty nice, so it's gonna sound a bit deeper once the headers and highflow cat are installed.
kc is your car a I4 or v6? But i cant wait to hear the clip. i bet it will sound sick. I think im going to get the borla system then once i get that in get some headers. Most likely the hotshot ones.
Mines the v6, I would never buy a 4cyl car unless it's something fast like an evo or sti lol, no offence 4 banger owners.

But ya I've had pretty good luck with custom exhaust work sounding good so hopefully my luck continues with this mx6, I have a good feeling though because the catback sounded good and the headers + high flow magnaflow cat will make it more I'm getting excited!! Can't wait to rip it through a tunnel.

I'll film a video right when I get back from the shop and I'll upload it asap.
what about the MS6, or MSP, or Miata :) 4 bangers can be fast, the MS6 has just as much displacement as the ms6. (2.3 compared to 2.5)
If i had the money i would have a MS6. But your right those 4 bangers. They can be pretty fast. But i still love my mx6 V6 :)
MS6, I've seen a JDM license plate on ebay with MS6 written on it and I was like "Huh? I guess that's right, because if you were asian you'd say S instead of X" but clearly I was wrong LOL, are there pics of this MS6??
Oh nevermind lol, I just figured out that an MS6 is the new mazdaspeed 6.
Ya those are really fast, awd and they launch like a bat out of hell.
Man i want that car. Just needs a different stock spoiler and a 2 inch drop and thats all.

ok so besides exhuast, and headers, what would be another good mod for my auto. BESIDES a a manual trans lol
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