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I'm thinking about selling my MX-6 since we bought a new suv and really have ne need for it any more. It's a black 1996 MX-6 M-Edition automatic tan leather interior fully loaded every option. I haven't driven it in a while since my eifes been using it to save on gas so I'm not positive on the mileage at the moment. Around 134K? These are literally all highway miles. I bought the car in 2001 with 16K from an old lady who used it to drive to the tennis club. From 2001 to 2005, about 118K has been put on driving 54 miles each way to work, ALL HIGHWAY MILES!
The sunroof has a rust spot on the front of it and the same with the drivers rear roof. This can be easily touched up. Other than that the car just needs a wax job. I still have the original Alpine 3 disc changer and tape deck along with speakers. I may leave the stero system in it: Pioneer 8700 deck, 4 pioneer 5X7 all around, 2 Rockford amps, 2 8" Bazzokas and XM radio. There are no tears on the leather at all. All belts have been changed earlier this year. I have never had any issues with the transmision. I have the fluids flushed out every year. The car is still fast and everything works. Out of all the issues people have been reporting on this site about the MX-6, I 've only had 3. 1) Clicking from the front end. I had 2 new disc things replaced where the shocks sit when I bought the car. The noise annoyed me. 2) I had the gaskets replaced due to oil in the sparkplug wells. 3) New radiator this year. It is fully stock. I've only used Mobil 1 full synthetic since the day I bought the car. That's the only oil I use in all my cars, even my lawn mowers. The lawn mowers actually run smoother and quiter with it.

I'm in no hurry to sell this since it's been paid off long ago but if anyone is interested please email me. I'll entertain any reasonable offers at or near its value. Please do not waste my time with ridiculous offers. I'm not an idiot! Also, we all know what a MX-6 looks like so please don't ask for pics unless you're seriously interested and would like some close up to show any areas you're curious of or the condition.

By the way I live in the Tampa, Florida area. Email me @ [email protected] for any info on the car.
Thank you, Wally
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