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F/S Chipped ECU 88 GT, custom intercooler

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I have an 88 GT ECU that is chipped. Boost/fuel cut is removed. Not sure who made the chip. But it worked when it was removed to go full standalone.

My old intercooler. It was a core that had endtanks welded on. The bracket support on the top and bottom use existing holes. two at the bottom and the one on top can be bolted to the hood latch. It is vertical flow and ends match up with the stock holes for piping. not sure about the hp rating but it should be good for a small t3 project. 18x7x2.5 in are the dimensions. a/c condenser and fans need to be removed to make it fit. I'll also throw in the old piping that is similar to the stock piping, 2.25 in aluminum pipes and clamps.

$75 obo shipped for the ecu

Intercooler = Sold!
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you can open ECU for check if a number is on the chip ?
PM'd you.
you can open ECU for check if a number is on the chip ?

Here's whats written on the chip:



PM'd you.
PM received.
$150 shipped for the intercooler, piping and miscellaneous parts.
can i see a picture of all the piping,couplers,clamps included?

AHHHH if only I wasn't broke! I would take both of those off your hands! No hassling with shipping!
Intercooler stuff sold to me.
Still have the chipped 'puter?:rolleyes:
Intercooler stuff sold to me.
Sorry about going off-topic, but I think a Mazda "meet" would be awesome. Especially if there were a few MX-6s in attendance.

Can you email me about this chip and how i can give you money for email address is [email protected]
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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