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F2 performance

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Ok I just recently bought a 1991 Mazda B2200. This truck is really slow and i need some ideas on what to do to make it faster. I have just purchased a 3EG webber carb and plan to do an exhaust system. I am also prone to turboing things. I have looked into it a bit ans read that if i ran a stock DSM turbo and did a blow through system, i could run 5ish PSI off the stock block. What would i have to do to the stock block to make it run maybe 15ish PSI. And can anyone point me in the rite direction in finding a way to make this thing go way faster using the F2 block and keeping it carb'd???
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yikes! turbos through a carb scare me lol It'll take alot of carb tuning to get that to be safe for the motor and make good power. be really cool if you could make it work though!
It would be easier to run an F2T setup with megasquirt than doing something unique like a blow through carb system. Yeah, it's cute and unique, but when it comes to tuning, you can't match megasquirts use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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