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f2t b2200 swap

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Ok i know that you have to cut the hole in the fire wall to fit the dizzy thats on the f2t head. I have 2 questions. 1. I have heard some people having to modify the intake manni... is that only if you are using the 8v f2 head or will i have to change that? my second question is what mods am i going to have to do to my fuel system in order to drop in this motor. It is imparative that when i do this swap that i can complete it in a weekend... Am i talking crazyness???
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your going to need a lot of monster energy drink lol.

You're going to have to modify the intake manifold in some way to get the throttle body on the correct side. The disty will need some additional room too.

Stay tuned over the next couple of months while I attempt this swap into a 1975 Datsun pickup. Of course I have seven months to finish :)
Mine took 5.5 months while working full time, you have plenty of time ;-)
We're also building the truck on a $1000.00 budget :p

SDREV Grand Challenge

Right now we're trying to track down a 510 IRS setup to swap in, and ditch the solid axle.
We're also building the truck on a $1000.00 budget :p
Mine didn't cost as much as everyone seems to think. Yes, more than that, maybe 3x more though for the turbo build part. I did the math somewhere. I should try to post it all in one place for reference.
nope not crazy~!

Send this guy Randon an e-mail:

Hes got a B2200 with a notched firewall, he will be able to help you.
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