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Midas is a joke!.. I remember back in th eday I went to them to get my muffler welded on and they wanted to charge me $200 for the welding, installation and addition of th epipe until th eresonator. I told them "No, I don't want to have a new pipe added to the resonator. I just wanted the existing pipe cut and the new muffler welded on" They started getting loud at me saying that THEY are the mechanics and they know what's best. I calmly waited until they dropped the car down from the hoist and started her up. On my way out I started yelling at the guys ti the top of my lungs saying they were a bunch of frauds and cheats!.... tHEN i WENT TO A LOCAL MUFFLER SHOT AND GOT IT WELDED IN FOR $30 BEANS.... midas blows!
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