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fans run in diagnostic mode

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Hello all, I have just finished up my ZE swap and it runs but needs a few bugs ironed out, ones that i cant figure out. Upon initial start up it ran and idled high, i let the car warm up and it still had a high idle, around 2000 rpms, I adjusted the tps with the fan method, topped off the coolant, and adjusted the disty more in the center. When i started it up the idle was high then came down to about 7 or 8 hundred and sat there until i revved it then it rose to 2000 and stayed there. After a drive around the block a CEL came on and when placed in diagnostic mode the fans came on i tried adjusting tps but it had no effect on the fans. no codes were produced, i have a probinator chip and i think the no CEL comes from that, the light comes on stays on then goes off. Has anyone found a way to pull codes with this chip? I appreciate everyone's help i tried a search and couldnt produce any results.

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If the CEL light goes off then i think you should be fine. Ive had a problem getting the cel to blink codes too, with probinator chip/ze just make sure when your putting it in diagnostics mode you are getting a good connection and it should work. Mine would blink off then back on and stay lit... you could also try a 12v test light and it will blink the codes.

As for the fan your saying you put it in diagonostics mode and turned the tps just to the point where the fan turns off? because thats the right way of doing it as far as i know...
yes that is why i am concerned about it
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