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How does the Factory Alarm system work?

There are 4 pages in the Owner's Manual dedicated to the Factory Theft Deterrent system. I'll highlight some of the information here:

First, to arm the factory alarm, you must lock all doors, with the driver's door being locked LAST (power locks will obviously automatically lock all doors if they are all closed) with the inside door lock lever and holding the handle up while closing. note that if the driver's door is locked with the key, the system will NOT be armed

After the driver's door is shut and locked (without the key) and ALL other doors are locked the "SECURITY" light will light solid for 15 seconds, then will blink every 3 seconds. The blinking light indicates that the system is fully armed.

TO DISARM SYSTEM (when alarm is NOT sounding)
Unlock a door with the key or turn the ignition switch to ON.

TO DISARM SYSTEM when alarm IS sounding
Unlock the driver's door or hatch/trunk lid with the key. This can be done with the door open or closed, and the hatch/trunk lid closed.
The alarm will not be stopped by turning the ignition switch to ACC or ON.

The warning alarm is operated by any of the following:
1.Opening the door or hatch/trunk lid without the key.
2.Opening the door or hatch/trunk lid by lifting the inside door lock or by operating the remote hatch/trunk lid release.
3.Opening the hood.
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