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Ignition coil specs

Just for kicks while up at the store I decided to check the resistance off some ignition coils you can use on our cars. Many people swear by the MSD Blaster coil or similar oil filled performance coil while others say the newer design E-Coil is the better performer and way to go. Now I'm not saying one is better than the other even though I use MSD products and would tell anyone to use them.

First I tested an old E-Coil off of my Mx6. Resistance came out to 12.4 ohms which didnt suprise me, this being the first test and something I had experience with.

Next was an off the shelf OEM replacement coil. I half expected it to be very close the the original coil and was not happy to see the resistance at 15.3 ohms. Another coil tested the exact same so I began thinking maybe the E-Coil wasnt the end all be all product.

Next came an Accel super stock coil. Though I use their wiresets I wouldnt tell anyone to use their coil just because its a very ugly bright yellow color. Resistance wasnt too shabby though at 8.9 ohms.

Finally came the MSD benchmark. This standard cylinder coil fits amazingly in the fuel filter bracket and easily plugs into the factory wiring for a clean and painless install. Resistance came to 4.4, less than half the Accell coil and nearly a quarter of a new OEM replacement.

What does this test conclude? Not a lot really. Most people will still stick with the original coil that does its job well without any complaint. Why shell out $30 for a performance coil when your coil is working fine as far as you can tell. Resistance doesnt mean more power, it just means the ignition system doesnt have to work as hard and that perhaps more power will be available at higher RPMs where people have said the stock system kind of dies out. Cheers.
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