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Turbo 101

forever to load with all the dead linksTurbo 101:

Exhaust exits the engine through the manifold and goes into the turbocharger. The wastegate will bypass the exhaust around the turbocharger if your boost pressure has hit the set limit. We do have a internal wastegate.

The exhaust goes through the turbocharger, spinning it. This in turn makes the other side of the turbocharger suck/pump air. This air gets pulled through the turbocharger and gets really hot from being compressed.

Its then routed to the intercooler, which lets outside airflow cool the compressed air.

From the intercooler, the compressed air heads up to the throttle body. If the throttle body happens to be closed (your foot is off the gas to shift) it would smack into it and then head back to the turbocharger, potentially causing damage.

However, the bypass valve happens to be mounted inbetween the intercooler and the throttle body, and when the throttle is closed, this valve opens and lets the compressed air flow back in before the turbocharger.

We do not have a blow off valve. The only difference between a blow off valve and a bypass valve is that the bypass valve returns the extra pressure to before the turbocharger, while the blow off valve just dumps it into the engine bay.

The wastegate has a vaccum line running to its acutator, when the boost pressure gets high enough, it causes the acutator to open the wastegate valve. A boost controller is put in the vaccum line to the wastegate essentially preventing the wastegate from seeing boost until your desired boost level is reached.


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