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Taking all of the possible modifications (forced induction,power chips etc) into account, what is the biggest possible increase in 0-100kms acceleration speed that you can acheive with a second gen mx6? And in order to get to this stage, roughly how much would it cost?

I know that this has already been discussed in bits and pieces in the other posts, but to summarise, how fast can you make an mx6?

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Cant really answer that completely but I know one guy got over 400HP by installing a turbo, changing the pistons and valves and a whole bunch of stuff.

As for myself, Im getting a bunch of stuff done by RawPower which, along with some bolt ons, should get me to 200 to the wheels, then a new clutch, fuel pump, and 80 shot or so of nos and maybe Id hit 300 to the wheels. In any case, should be fast =P
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