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This forum lacks a thread where people list there builds so it is very hard to compare and contrast what works.

OK, I’ll bite. Here is my detailed build listing.

OddBallRacings 1987 Mazda B2000 FE3 build:

Block – stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
Crank - stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
cryo-treated, balanced.
Rods - stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
cryo-treated, balanced.
Wrist pins/assoc. hardware - stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
Bearings – Clevite,
Crank Bearings
TriMetal - #MS-2046P
Standard - #MS-1803AL
Rod Bearings
Mazda - CB1362AL
KIA - CB1455AL
I used this combo:
Crank Bearings - Metal - #MS-2046P
Rod Bearings - CB1455AL
Pistons – Diamond Racing Products,
Part #?, custom-ordered, ~$400.00
Piston Rings – Total Seal, TS1 Gapless
Part #4665 - $142.35.
-also available->
Sealed Power/Perfect Circle rings from NAPA, Part #1437, (also reported else where as E542K?)
Flywheel – stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
cryo-treated, lightened, balanced.
Clutch Disk – ATC Street Disk
Part #?.
Clutch Pressure Plate - stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Head(complete) – stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
cryo-treated, 3-angle valve job, torqued to 90ft/lbs.
Head Gasket – stock 1999 KIA Sportage,
Spray-applied copper gasket treatment.
Head Fasteners – ARP,
Part #AU4.8001ULB - Head Stud - $7.20/ea.
Part #300-8307 - washer - $0.81/ea.
Part #200-8516 - nut - $4.14/ea.
Sub-total = $121.50
Spark Plugs – NKG,
Part #?,
Spark Plug Wires – Moroso
Part #?, custom made.
Oil Pump – stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Water Pump – stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Alternator – stock 19XX Mazda MX-6, 80amp.
Timing Belt – stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Accy. Belt - ?
Exhaust Manifold – custom-made mild steel weld-el log-type,
Exhaust Manifold Gasket – stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Intake Manifold – stock 1999 KIA Sportage lower, custom upper.
Intake Manifold Gasket – stock 1999 KIA Sportage.
Throttle – unknown GM V6, 65mm.
Fuel Injectors – RC Engineering
Part #?, 550cc/min. x 4.
Turbo – Turbonetics,
Part #?, T3/T4 Super V T04B Stage III .48 A/R
Wastegate – Tiel,
Part #?, 35mm, 0.65 bar.

Part 1/2

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Part 2/2

Intercooler – stock 1999 Ford turbo diesel,
Part #?.
Intercooler HosesSilicone Hose, Silicone Hoses, Turbo Hose, Turbo Hoses, Intercooler Hose, Intercooler Hoses, T-bolt Clamps
Intercooler Hose Clamps – Summit Racing,
Part #?, stainless steel t-bar clamps.
Intercooler Piping – Summit Racing,
Part #?, mandrel-bent mild steel tubing for custom fab. work.
Fuel Cell – Summit Racing,
Part #SUM-290215-S 20 in. x 18 in. x 10 in., 15 gallon capacity, with safety foam and 0-90 ohm sending unit, red powder coated aluminum, fuel cell
-8AN in/out
Fuel Pump – Aeromotive,
Part #AEI-1110 Electric, 500 lbs./hr. at 12 V and 45 psi, fuel pump -10AN in/out
Fuel Filter – Aeromotive,
Part #AEI-12301, Straight through design, flows 1,200 psi, 10 micron element, fuel filter -10AN in/out
Fuel Cooler – Flex-a-lite,
Part #FLX-4136, 12 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 3/4 in., two pass, 4,500 GVW, fuel cooler -6AN in/out
Fuel Lines – Summit Racing,
Part #SUM-220256, Stainless steel, 5/16 in., 20 ft., fuel or brake line. This I used for the fuel send line.SUM-220238 Stainless steel, 3/8 in., 20 ft., fuel or brake line This I used for the fuel return line.
Fuel Distribution Block – Moroso,
Part #MOR-651803/8 in. NPT inlet, two -6 AN male fitting outlets, aluminum fuel block kit.
Fuel Pressure Regulator – Aeromotive,
Part #?, -6AN in/out, 1/8" NPT port for the Fuel Pressure Gauge
Fuel Pressure Gauge – Autometer,
Part #?, SportComp model.
Fuel Plumbing – Summit Racing and Aeroquip,
Part #?, -10AN braided line with Aeroquip fittings from cell to filter, filter to pump, SS -6AN hard line with tube nuts from pump to cooler, -6AN braided line from cooler to -6AN SS hard line to Moroso fuel block, -6AN braided lines to each end of fuel rail, -6AN braided line from center of fuel rail to FPR, -6AN braided line from FPR to -5AN SS hard line fuel return to -8AN braided line back to fuel cell.
ECU – Electromotive,
Part #?, TECII.

In addition:

Aquamist 2D system with DDS3 Gauge.
Greedy ProFec B boost control system.
Optima red-top battery.
Autometer gauges.

What did I forget/omit?

Here is some info from my motor builder that I forgot I had on my cardomain site:

Base Engine Inputs
Bore, in.-3.386
Stroke, in.-3.386
# of Cylinders-4
Rod Length, in.-5.906
Deck Height, in.-9.021
Chamber/Piston Inputs
Chamber CCs in Head-48
Piston Design-Dish Top
Piston Dish, ccs-8
Gasket Thickness, in.-0.045
Gasket Bore Dia., in.-3.386
Deck Ht Clearance, in.-0.005
Piston Ring Depth, in.-0.3
Piston Top O.D., in.-3.38
Compression Ht, in.-1.417
Calculated Results-Cu. In./CCs/Litres
Cylinder Size-30.49/499.7/0.5
Engine Size-121.96/1998.9/1.999
Chamber Size-3.88/63.5/0.064
Compression Ratio-8.87
Bore/Stroke Ratio-1.000
Rod/Stroke Ratio-1.744
Volumetric Contributions-Cu. In./CCs/% of Total
Head Chamber-2.929/48/75.5
Piston Dish-0.488/8/12.6
Piston O.D.-0.01/0.16/0.2

Head was thoroughly checked and cc’d. My paperwork says it was milled. Starting chamber CC was 49.1cc, ended at 48cc.

Stock KIA flywheel was lightened by 4lbs and balanced.

I’ll try to replace the ?’s with actual data as I find/remember it!

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Ok, I'll go:

Anarchyx's FE3 build.

Block- Stock FE3
Crank/rods- Stock FE3 balanced/shotpeened.
Pistons&pins- Venolia Forged 9:1 compression.
Piston rings: Sealed Power Moly E542k
Main bearings: Beck/Arnley
Rod bearings: OEM
Oil pump: Stock FE3
Oil filter: Corvette ZR1
Flywheel: Stock F2T
Clutch: Southbend OFE
Head: Stock FE3 w/VR6 valve springs
Cams: FE3N intake and exhaust
Head gasket: Fel-pro Kia Sportage
Head Fasteners: ARP studs/nuts
Plugs: Denso IK20
Wires: FE3 NGK wires (imported from NZ)
Timing belt: Contitech
Alternator: 2ndgen mx-6 80amp.

Exhaust manifold: Custom log-style sch-40 mild steel. Jethot 2000 coated.
Exhaust man- gasket: OEM Kia sportage
Exhaust system: 2.5" downpipe to catco 2.5" cat, the rest is a pacesetter cat-back.
Turbo: Turbonetics T3 60 trim, .48 a/r exhaust,
Wastegate: Internal w/turbonetics dual-port actuator.
Boost controller: Apexi AVC-R
Intercooler: stock F2T.
Piping: Custom using stock components.

Fuel pump: Walbro 190lph
Fuel injectors: FC rx-7 saturated 550cc
Ignition: Crane HI-6
Coil: Stock F2T
Engine management: Megasquirt v2.2 MSnS-E 024s19
Knock detection: KnockSense
Monitoring: AEM UEGO, Autometer 20psi boost gauge, autometer 1600F EGT

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FE-dohc 1990 Mx-5 Miata

* Stock Mazda FE-DOHC 2.0L with custom stuff:
-- 1.6/Kia Sportage hybrid intake manifold
-- Kia fuel rail with injector bosses to fit Rx injectors
-- Shimmed Kia oil pump
-- Brackets to keep A/C compressor in stock location
-- Motor mount adapter plates and modded Miata mounts
-- Heater pipes
-- 4.25 quart oil pan, dipstick
-- Primary coolant routing
-- Coil pack bracket for use of stock Miata plug wires
* T3/T04E 60AR 50trim, 48AR Stage3
* OE Mercedes Internal wastegate (2.5" exit) & turbine housing
* Scrap metal heat shield
* 3x12x18" core eBay b&p FMIC
* SSA BP turbo header modified to fit FE3
* Custom two piece 3" downpipe to full 3" exhaust with 200 cell metal core cat, 18" glass pack, turbo style muffler
* 1.6 Miata LINK with FM software, Plink on Palm M500
* Link electronic boost control
* LC1 WBO2
* Stock 1.6 Mx5 coils
* Supra fuel pump
* Hybrid CAS - FE3 distributor & 1.6 CAS
* 550cc Rx7 injectors, sequential injection
* Oil cooler, sandwich adapter w/thermostat & oversized filter (79 Bonneville)
* Double pass, 17 x 19 dual core, circle track radiator, 16x1-3/4" Spal 2400cfm fan
* eBay BOV VTA
* Bosch knock sensor

* 1.8 Mx-5 driveline upgrade
* 4.10 open rear - Rx7 lsd on the bench
* 626 flywheel lightened by 4 lbs.
* 1.8 Mx-5 ACT pressure plate with Clutchnet sprung six puck cerametallic disc
* B2200/Miata clutch slave cylinder hybrid
* B2200 front section (bell), fork and t/o with Mx5 transmission

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heres a fredism for what i did on my build...

piecemeal stock long block including :
fe5a camshafts
ground to fit vr6 valve springs
intake retainers/collets on all valves
f2t windage tray cut to fit...
...fe-dohc main bearing braces which have been ground to fit the above
custom winged sump with top plate to prevent slosh in the very most effective way
large oil cooler std on fe5a version
pistons are 10:1 variety

external to the long block are :
custom thin walled equal length mild steel exhaust manifold made with mandrel bends a mig and a couple of laser cut flanges, it incorporates an external 44mm vband wastegate and t3 fitting for ease of downsizing in future if i should so choose, a hand made merge collector filed to perfection on the inside that brings the flow together so well that with the 44mm wastegate wide open a great deal i had 3.5psi by 7k rpm.
one holset he351cw hy35 hy9 turbo from a 2006 dodge ram cummins powered diesel pickup truck modified with custom made matching vband flange for dump pipe, removed wastegate actuator, welded up wastegate hole with a steel plug shaped to the inside of the turbine housing for smoothness of flow welded in place and the bracket for the actuator cut off and ground smooth to just fit the engine bay at all, a modified cummins drain pipe that snakes around the compressor housing and engine mount and back to the sump at the full 22mm OD size. dumping to...
one full straight through, and you know i mean straight, custom 3" exhaust with the biggest coby reso/tube muff at 18" and a cheapish oval muffler dumping just in front of the diff, initially fed by a 4"to 3" fred welded reducer and smoothly merged in wastegate reentry and ...
innovate wideband O2 letting me know that its dead rich.
one chinese 44mm vband wastegate with 15psi spring and welded valve lapped to a perfect seal.
one "bagel" inlet manifold and plenum to smoothly guide the intake gasses to their firey death with short runners smoothed on the inside and tuned for high rpm power and flow, large plenum volume with throttle directed to allow air to enter all cylinders quite evenly
one modified stock fuel rail bored an extra .3mm with blanked stock input and retained fuel pressure dampner and 3/8 inlet fitting and 5/16 outlet to the fpr and...
4 rx7 550cc injectors cleaned by some brakeclean and a heater with new orings and spacers and seals
one chinese adjustable fuel pressure regulator and guage returning to tank along the stock tube offset slightly and passing to...
the stock feed line that used to supply the carbed engine at 5/16
one brand new 3/8 feed line all the way from the fuel system at the rear
one 70mm lexus 1uzfe 4.0l 280ps v8 throttlebody modifed to have no second throttle plate and no air leaks etc and fed by....
one r32 nissan skyline gtr intercooler with 3" inlet and outlet and 3" plumbing with silicone couplers and tbolt clamps and enough flow for more than 500hp mounted fwd of the radiator with short pipes and good airflow over it, cleaned to bare ally by many washings with thinners etc, and with all fins straightened on both front and back to maximise air flow through it
one nissan gtr r32 bov housing and two stock bovs from same car attached in the wrong place immediately after the turbo instead of before the throttle with socks and cable ties for air cleaners blowing straight back up into the air filter which is a....
6" inlet dual cone simota unit (one of the biggest they make) attached by a shortened and lightened and internally sanded pcv feed pipe in 4" ID all the way to the inducer of the turbo
a hard oil line with banjo fitting on the turbo and rotating type on the block, with no restrictor and about 1/4" OD line brazed at the ends
a customised crank pulley with siera cvh 36-1 wheel grafted on and a nice paint job to make timing light mark id easy
a customised f2t flywheel machined down to accept the stock ring gear and go inside the small bellhousing and fitted with a modifed and balanced 1X00 pound pressure plate also machined down to squeeze into that bell with a heavy duty sprung organic LUK clutch disk inside
custom coolant lines in 35mm OD steel tube with mandrel bends and quality hose
bp 2 stage thermostat residing inside f2 flat thermo housing at the back of the head as it should be
53mm thick R33 jap made full alloy race radiator and two american curved blade fans on the front all supported by...
early 90s top mounts from galants, and lowre mounts from same period legacy (same for intercooler)
four short bosch ign leads and fours stock fe3 coils and four stock fe3 ignitors controlled by...
one modified ms2 v3 unit with provision for leds on all main outputs and COP capability with external switch for bootloading code
semi decent wiring setup including dedicated feed to ms from battery, shields on all inputs, dedicated feed to battery from alternator, extra heavy grounds (50mmsq) to block from battery, and same to starter and all other feeds from battery, vref line to alternator from battery itself, heavy ground to ms from head, dirty power feed line from main car system for such things as 02 heater feed etc.
at the rear of the vehicle
two bosch fuel pumps, one circa 400hp 910 sucking fuel from tank through a big marine filter/water seperator, and feeding a 2l s/s surge tank with 3/8 line, returning excess to the main tank through a 1/4 line to create some residual pressure, and one mother of all bosch pumps 044 sucking from that surge tank and pushing upto 800hp of fuel fwd through the 3/8 line mentioned earlier.
battery relocated to behind the diff for weight issues and very short thick wires straight to those pumps from it. all wires from batt either fused or broken for safety and convenience.

for further detail refer to thread linked below.

original post :

place holder ;-) to be edited :)


Ford courier
- fe-dohc (not running)
- no fenders
- no bumper
- holset turbo (big like your house)

additionally custom flat bed strong like... umm... urr... well, you get the picture.

there ya go as easy as ctrl C ctrl V

edit two :

i may never get around to listing my mods as everything is modified, so here is the mega thread :


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place holders require AT LEAST some info.
for example:
Ford courier
- fe-dohc (not running)
- no fenders
- no bumper
- holset turbo (big like your house)

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Evo mod list

Block- Stock FE3
Crank/rods- Stock FE3 balanced/shotpeened.
Pistons&pins- Venolia Forged 9:1 compression.
Piston rings: Moly custom double upper rings
Main bearings: Clevite

Rod bearings: Clevite
Oil pump: aftermarket FE3
Oil filter: Boch
Flywheel: stock F2T
Clutch: Spec stage 3
Head: 300zx valves/VR6 valve springs
Cams: FE3N intake and exhaust
Head gasket: Fel-pro Kia Sportage
Head Fasteners: ARP studs/nuts
Plugs: NGK Vpower
Wires: Accel

Timing belt: Goodyear
Alternator: ford probe

Exhaust manifold: Custom log-style made by Rebel24k

Exhaust man- gasket: OEM FE3
Exhaust system: 2.5" downpipe to catco 2.5" cat, the rest is HKS cat-back.
Turbo: saab t3 .48
Wastegate: Internal .
Boost controller: something I bought off ebay
BOV: Greddy type s
Intercooler: stock F2T.
Piping: Custom using stock components.

Fuel pump: Walbro 190lph
Fuel injectors: 440cc RC
Ignition: gm coil packs
Engine management: SDS-3F4
Knock detection: SDS
Monitoring: LM-1 wideband, Autometer 30psi boost/oil/water/af gauges,greddy EGT


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This list is in my thread too, but it is good to have this information in many different areas. :)

- Stock block FE3 Standard 86mm bore
- Stock Mazda crank FE3 With .25mm Grind
- Kia Rods
- Kia Pistons Standard 86mm set
- Kia Rings Standard set
- Kia Bearings .25mm over
- Kia Gaskets and seals
- Stock cylinder head(only valve job) and kia head bolts
- T3 log-style manifold
- T3/TO4E 57 trim
- 3" 02 collector
- 3" Downpipe
- 3" Side exit exhaust with muffler
- Tial Wastegate 38mm
- Tial Blowoff valve
- Custom 2.5" aluminum intercooler piping
- T-Bolt clamps
- Treadstone FMIC
- Greddy Profec B SpecII EBC
- Precision Turbo 880cc injectors
- Electromotive TECII standalone
- Innovate LC1 wideband
- MSD 8.5mm plug wires
- NGK v-power #8's
- ACT heavy duty clutch

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copied evo's list and modded it

Block: Stock FE3
Crank: Stock FE3
rods: Stock FE3
Pistons: Stock FE3
Piston pins: Stock FE3
Piston rings: Stock FE3
Main bearings: Stock FE3
Rod bearings: Stock FE3
Oil pump: Stock FE3
Oil filter: Aftermarket FE3
Flywheel: Stock FE3
Clutch: Stock FE3
Head: Stock FE3
Cams: Stock FE3
Head gasket: Stock FE3
Head Fasteners: Stock FE3
Spark plugs: NGK BCPR7E11 gapped to 0.7
Alternator: Stock FE3

Exhaust manifold: Custom by YouAsk
Exhaust manifold gasket: Stock FE3
Exhaust system: Stock FE3 with removed middle silencer
Turbo: Mitsubishi TD04-15T
Wastegate: Internal
Intercooler: From a SAAB?
Piping: Custom

Fuel pump: Stock FE3 (Nippon Denso 180lph going in)
Fuel injectors: Stock FE3 (EVO1 510cc going in)
Fuel rail: Modified for EVO injectors
Ignition: Stock FE3
Engine management: Megasquirt 2 PCB v3.0
O2 sensor: Innovate LC-1
Monitoring: boost/oiltemp/oilpressure/Apexi TurboTimer for A/F ratio

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Great response people, thanks!! If we can all get part numbers listed too that would really add to the value of this thread!

I fergot to add that I'm using a TurboXS BOV plumbed back into the intake.

Custom-made 3" downpipe w/ custom 3" exhaust. Both the cat and the muffler are 3" stainless steel flow-thru models.



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man I really don't feel like typing all this...i'll copy anarchy's to save time

Block- Stock Kia
Crank/rods- Stock Kia
Pistons&pins- JE 8.5-1 Forged
Main bearings: stock kia
Rod bearings: stock kia
Oil pump: Kia Shimmed 3mm
Flywheel: custom aluminum 240mm flywheel with 8 bolt kia pattern
Clutch: ACT Extreme pressure plate & street disc.
Head: Stock FE3 w/VR6 valve springs, Professional P&P
Cams: FE3N intake and exhaust
Head gasket: Custom Copper SCE
Head Fasteners: ARP studs/nuts
Plugs: NGK
Wires: stock something?
Timing belt: Kia
Alternator: 90 mx6
Exhaust manifold: Custom log w/ mitsu flange
Exhaust man- gasket: OEM Kia sportage
Exhaust system: 3" turbo back
Turbo: Mitsu 16G
Wastegate: Internal
Boost controller: home made
Intercooler: Isuzu NPR
Piping: Custom 2.5"
Air intake: Custom 3"
Radiator: Honda Civic w/ slim fan.
Fuel pump: Walbro 255lph
Fuel injectors: 720cc
Fuel rail: Modified kia rail with aeromotive regulator.
Coils: mitsubisi cyclone?
Engine management: SDS EM3-F
Monitoring: Zeitronix Z2t w/ display & EGT, Autometer 30psi boost gauge, autometer volts,water temp, oil pressure. and 5" tach.
Front Slicks: M&H 24.5x8.5x15
Rear skinnies: RX7 spares with motorcycle tires.
Trans: GT trans with phantom grip and welded diff pin.

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Block: fully rebuilt Stock Mazda bored .020 over and decked
Crank: Tear droped and polished
Main bearings: Clevite 77
Rods: Pauter
Rod bearings: Clevite 77
Pistons: Venolia 8.5:1 .020 forged
Head gasket: Correct custom copper gasket from Cometic (sent in gaskets4less headgasket)
Head: Intake gasket match ported and polished, 5 angle valve job, 300zx and Sr20 incoperated internals, and combustion chambers chamfered and polished, and decked head
Intake: Custom mounted 75mm Edlebrock throttle body, gutted runners and gasket matched and polished
Boost controller: GReddy Profec-B Spec II
Turbo: Garrett GT3583r dual ball bearing
Turbo manifold: 4G63 top mount customized to fit
Exhaust: Custom 4 to 3 1/2 exhaust to a GReddy EVOII muffler
Intercooler: GReddy SR20 spec-v core w/ custom piping
Radiator: GReddy SR20 aluminum radiator
Turbo Timer: GReddy Full-Auto Timer
ECU: Simple Digital Systems EM4-F
Fuel Injectors: GReddy 720cc
more to come when finished

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Copies and Altered From Above

Block- Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Crank/rods- Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Pistons&pins- Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Main bearings: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Rod bearings: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Oil pump: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Head: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Cams: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Head gasket: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Head Fasteners: Factory and Untouched FE-DOHC
Plugs: NGK
Wires: Top Gun
Timing belt: Kia
Alternator: 88 MX6
Radiator: OEM, New Tanks w/ 3x Davies Craig Thermo's

Also the following:-

Brakes: Fully Rebuilt Stock Brakes With Lucas Performance Pads

Driveline: NA To Turbo Gearbox Swap including rebuilt driveshafts, clutch and a custom Guru Motorsport TORSEN diff.

ECU: Wolf 3D Version 4

Engine Work: Ceramic Coated Rocker Cover * Oil Shed Coatings To Interior Surface Of Rocker Cover

Exhaust System: 2.5" Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel System With Lukey Glass Pack Muffler And DeTomaso Tip * Ceramic Coated 2.5" Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Dump Pipe With Seperate Wastegate Dump * Custom Tuned Length 4 Into 2 Into 1 Turbo Manifold - Ceramic Coated * Metal-Cat

Exterior: Full Respray From White To Burnt Grey Including Deletion Of Stock Spoiler * Fitting Of USC Side Skirts And Zender Front And Rear Aprons * Changed Chrome Window Trims To Black * Colour Code Mirrors

Fuel System: Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, 440cc Injectors - Cleaned & Hi-Flowed

Intake System: Returned to OEM Spec to maintain ADR compliance

Interior Modz: CAMS Approved 6 Point Roll Cage * Standard with Mazda / Momo leather steering wheel * Mines Polished Alloy G'Knob * Grey Leather Shift Boot * Full Digital Dash Cluster * Splitfire Boost Gauge

Rolling Stock: 17" Adler Racing Rims with 205/45/R17 Kumo Rubber Bands

Stereo System: Pioneer CD Player * Kicker Splits * 2x 15" Soundstream SPL * 1000WRMS Class D Digital Amp * Full Custom Boot - Perspex, Neons etc

Suspension: Front - KYB Sport Front Struts, Nolathane Bushes, Whiteline 30mm Lowered Springs, Camber Kit <==> Rear - Koni Shocks, Whiteline 30mm Lowered Springs, Nolathane Bushes, 24mm Sway Bar, Camber Kit

Turbo/Intercooler: GT2560 * Hybrid Bar and Plate Intercooler * Stainless Steel I/Cooler Pipes * Samco Silcone Connectors * Stainless Steel T-Bolts Clamps * Ceramic Coated Inside and Outside Cooler Pipes/Turbo Manifold/Turbo Housing * Gizzmo Electronic Boost Controller * Blitz R2D2 BOV

*EDIT* ...and I know I'm missing some more pieces but can't think, tired :)

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YouAsk's machine

Block: Stock FE3
Rods: Stock FE3
Crank: Stock FE3
Pistons: 3S-GTE from 1989 86mm
P-Pins: Stock FE3 (a bit shorter to fit 3S-GTE pistons
Piston rings: Aftermarket no-name 3S-GTE ones
Main bearings: Stock FE3
Rod bearings: Aftermarket no-name FE3 ones
Oil pump: Renovated FE3
Oil filter: Bosch for FE3
Flywheel: stock FE3, machined
Clutch: Custom one-off Zinterd
Pressure-plate: Stock renovated
Head: VR6 valve springs, the rest stock
Head gasket: Stock NEW Mazda FE3, locite 3020
Head Fasteners: Stock KIA bolts (reused 4 times)
Plugs: NGK BCPR7-E11 gapped @ 0.8mm
Wires: Stock from 1988! (also used Biltema blue silicon 8mm ones)

Timing belt: Powergrip
Alternator: Stock

Exhaust manifold: Custom piped by YouAsk /myself
Exhaust system: 3" to rearaxle, then 2.5"
Turbo: Mitsubishi TD05-16g from an EVO2RS
Wastegate: Internal, custom-made bracket
Boost controller: Saab valve controlled by MSnS-extra
BOV: Bosch 25mm (1") with small filter
Intercooler: Mitsubishi Lancer EVO2
Piping: Custom by YouAsk/myself

Fuel pump: Walbro 255hp lph (direct power)
Fuel filter: Stock
Fuel lines: New 10mm (inside) under car. Modified stock rail
Fuel injectors: 1000cc MSD (bosch-sized)
Ignition: Stock FE3
Engine management: MSnS-extra (MS v2.2)
Knock detection: n/a
Monitoring: Innovate LC-1 wbo2, Apexi wbo2 digitalgauge. Equees Boostgauge

Boost: without fuse to boostvalve: 0.55bar, 0.9-1.1bar depending on settings in MS
To small stock wastegate-hole so 1.5bar no 4-5th gear @ 6000rpm+
Revlimit: 7300rpm (stock-fe3-ecu-controlled)

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Fe3 Build

Block:Stock Oringed Rods:Argo Crank:Stock Pistons:SBS 8.26 comp Ratio All Bearings Clevite Arp: Main cap studs Head Reciver grooved Arp head studs :Ferrea Valves,Ampco 45 seats , Ferrea Guids , Ferrea Seals , Guide sleeves , Ferrea dual springs ,Cams 292 degree 10.5mm lift ,Copper head gasket that has been onelled twice.makes it more soft

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Rafi's machine
Mazda Mx3 FE3 Powered

Block: Stock FE3
Rods: Stock FE3
Crank: Stock FE3
Pistons: 4G63 Wiseco Pistons @ .040 Bore to get 86mm
P-Pins: Wiseco
Piston rings: Wiseco
Main bearings: Stock FE3
Rod bearings: King
Oil pump: Stock FE3
Oil filter: Nippon for Mazda
Flywheel: stock FE3
Clutch: Clutch Net solid
Pressure-plate: Custom One (Double Diafragm with an ACT and Stock one)
Head: Stock FE3 (now with Vr6 springs)
Head gasket: Stock FE3 Reused, jajaja
Head Fasteners: Stock FE3 Reused Too
Plugs: NGK
Wires: Accel

Timing belt: Stock FE3
Alternator: Stock

Exhaust manifold: Custom
Exhaust system: 3" Downpipe
Turbo: Garrett TO4E .60 trim / .63 stage 3
Wastegate: Tial 38mm
Boost controller: Craftman
Intercooler: Ebay one 31"x12"x3"
Piping: Custom 2 1/2"

Fuel pump: Bosch
Fuel filter: N/A
Fuel lines: -10 Braided line from the Fuel Cell to the Fuel Rail
Fuel injectors: 880cc Precision Injectors
Ignition: DSM CAS modified to fit, Waste Spark coils from Electromotive
Engine management: Microtech LTx8-s
Knock detection: n/a
Monitoring: Autometer gauges, Microtech Hand Set

Boost: 28psi
Revlimit: 7500rpm
ET: 10.8 @ 129mph
WHP: 425whp/ 384TQ

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lundgren420's f8-fe2.2t

Block: Stock F8
Crank: Stock F2T
Pistons: Diamond 8:5:1
R-Pins: Diamond
Piston rings: Total Seal
Main bearings: Stock F2
Rods: Stock FE-SOCH 1986-626 Turbo
Rod bearings: Top Line FE-SOHC 1986 626 Turbo
Oil pump: Stock F8
Flywheel: F2T
Clutch: ClutchNet Dubble Diaphram
Head: Stock F8 with 3-angle valve grind , ported , polished by myself
Head gasket: Stock FE3 OEM From Mazda , thanks to Corksport
Head Fasteners: ARP
Plugs: Bosch
Wires: COP
Timing belt: Factory FE-DOCH
Alternator: Stock

Turbo manifold: Custom Log
Exhaust system: 3" Downpipe
Turbo: Garrett T04e 60trim A/R .48
Wastegate: Synapse Engineering 40mm
Boost controller: Synchronic Wastegate
Greddy RS
Intercooler: EMUSA 28X3.5X8.5
Piping: 2.25 Ebay special, not the crappy kind though.

Fuel pump: 255 lph Walbro1
Fuel filter: Sniper
FPR: FueLab
Fuel lines: -6 Braided S/S
Fuel injectors: 640cc FIC
Ignition: CBR 600RR Coils
Engine management: MS1 PCB3.0
Knock detection: n/a

Revlimit: 6500rpm
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