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FE3 Covversion Total price

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Well im finally hooked on this fe3 my freind ahs a kia sportage with a fe3 and instead of a turbo he bolted up a gze (corrola) supercharger and run about 3 psi into it and man that is the funest car i have ever driven so damm torquey so can anyone tell me just how much a complete converion would cost??

Like everything needed also i want it manuel so i will need the manuel box as well im guessing anyway does anyone have any idea how much this would all be.

I will be going to turbo route but as i still love the sound of a spooling turbo oh yeah :D

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don't listen to ANYONE, its not an easy conversion...... belive me im still going through with it.

engine will sit nicely in the bay, but FE cars had different A/C piping so your dipstic will be rubbing on the piping (nothing really major)

wiring is A REAL PAIN.

go aftermarket sraight away, but for most part you would like to have an ECU from Fe car...... there are some bits and peaces on FE that not a lot of aftermarket ECUs be able to handle. you can't use your F2 ECU as the signals are different, esp if you have later then 94 model FE (mine is 97 and its a PAIN)

on average you will pay 500-1500 for the engine
another 2000 or so to fit and tune AMM
also about 500-1000 on unexpected things (like i have to change fuel pump as ZE needs more flow then F2T :eek: )

if yours is manual as is, you can keep it no problem, though your gearing will not be very well suted to the engine. you can go with BP gears to better sute the engine or better yet FS-ZE gears...... this will need some work, even though actuall gearbox looks like it will bolt up to F2/FE bellhousing...... matching final gear and diff that could be a problem (90% sure it will)

Turbo will cost you a bit, while the lazer cut flages readily avalible the piping will need to be done for the manifold, but the downpipe on FE looks like its the same as F2 so it might be an option of using stock turbo(or the family).

though there is a lot more involved then just bolting up a turbo :(. FE is a good engine but not as fantastic as its made to be, just remember this ;)

with Fe you will have 7200 valve float, there are HKS solid buckets avalible to replace HLAs but its a real pain to find them. also you will rarely find them by themselves as they are in a kit with titanium valvesprings and oversized valves.

anyway, good luck dude and post some pics of your mates sportage :tup:
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Yeah mate sounds like a lot of work i might just forget about it i think it seems liie you could almost buy a manuel mx6 with work done to it for the price of a conversion i might think down that track

Next time my mate is down ill take some pics for ya all :D
Its not that hard to do.

I did it in my own garage....... But i am running aftermarket ECU

As for a/c, just hook up all your F2T acessories.

You can do the conversion and run it on the F2T ECU, using the F2T dissy.
You will the EGR valve(woopee) and you will gain a Variable intake system.
Prob with using the F2T computer are; 6250 rev cut, car will run a bit richer, injector leads will need to be changed, but the injector impedance is the same.

Engine managment will make it more reliable, but maybe a remapped "Chiptorque" chip will sort out fuel and revlimit.

Engines can still be found in Bris for under a $1000.

As for sensors that Freddie has talked about, they interchange between the F2T and the FE3. The only different ones (which are the important ones) are Dissy (F2T magnetic, FE Optical) and Air meter ( F2T VAF, FE3 MAS).

To get the VICS running, all you need is a RPM activated switch.

I will show you 1st hand whats involved at the upcoming cruise.

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don't forget that the F2 dizzy will need to be elongated to reach the cam. also the rev cut/fuel can be done away with A'PEXi air/fuel ratio S-AFC.

don't go with runnin F2 stuff on FE....... its the worst thing you can do, just talk to evo626.
F2T i am talking, and i did extend my dissy at first.

Then refitted the FE3 optical dissy later

I have run in a high 13 sec auto fe3 which was runing the F2T setup and still had the factory revcut, 6200....

F2 is definatly the wrong way to go, F2T does work....
Im very keen now it seems that FE3 is the way to go for sure

so im looking at about $1000 or less for the engine

Can i run the fe3 as a NA for a while and just change my auto transmission to maunel then save some more for a wikid turbo conversion im guessing this can be done as the fe3 was NA anyway.

so can anyone get me a price on a fe3 near them in brisbane and im guessing i will need a gearbox as well and everything i need.

So can someone get me a price if thats possible or even some numbers ot ring

Would really appreciate it

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"I have run in a high 13 sec auto fe3 which was runing the F2T setup and still had the factory revcut, 6200.... "
if thats true than im defently looking into this. i've been looking without luck for times on the fe3 in auto
Cam & BF

Do you think the Auto ratios would be better or worse for the FE DOHC.
I ask as 13seconds sounds like it suits it more so.
Makes me think considering the boxes I go through.

I just wonder would it loose out if it reved to say 7500rpm.
I just wonder as if my engine goes might do that but stroked of course - with cams N/A.
I like turbo still but I'd leave that for the Rotor ;)
The car in question was a 626 hatch and the owner was worried about as to how long the gearbox would last.

The car was running to high boost for stock fe internals.

The turbo was a t3/4 hybrid. Which would be flowing a lot more volume at 13 lb than what our stock IHI's would at 13 pound.

As i said, the F2T computer will run it but, for how long on the above setup, who knows......

After about 3 months of running and regular drag racing, the car developed bad pinging and then holed a piston.

But it was a big turbo running high boost on factory NA internals.

The gearbox did mange to hold up over and show no signs of trouble during all this.

Engine management will give reliability. But if you dont get too greedy with your boost controller, It would have lasted longer.

One other small point, the FE injector bore was slightly opened. To accomodate the F2T injetors.
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