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Hi All,

I've just done some measuring on my 1992 FE DOHC 2.0, alloy sump, oil cooler, 10:1CR etc. 22,000km approx accoding to service sticker. Engine appears never to havebeen opened. Was from 4wd 626.

It came with FEAP intake cam, FE3N exhaist cam. Searching this forum, people seem to think that the FEAP is the "gun" cam, yet i'm starting to doubt this....

FEAP has 7.8mm valve lift (lobe height 43.8)

FE3N has 9.1mm valve lift (lobe height 45.1)

FE5N has????? Can anyone measue the lobe height for me...PLEASE?????


When i grew up, a cam with bigger lift was a cam with bigger performance, if the timing was the same. Even if timing different, the more agressively timed cam would generally have the higher lift....more duration allows you to get to higher lift, given same ramp rates, etc. I don't think fundamental laws of gas flow have changed at all recently.......

It it cools down a bit oday, i'll drag the degree wheel and dial indicator out and map the two cams that i have (FEAP & FE3N). I believe the 170hp engines (FE-ZE??) should have 10-60-60-10 valve timing (250 deg duration) vs 10-55-55-10 of lesser 9.2CR variants.

Can anyone add some more to this?????


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these are the only cams i came across personally, exept FE5A not FE5N ;)

funnily enough every ZE ive seen has FEAP intake cam (so does mine) and every G(DE) has both Fe3N ones. the only time ive seen a FE5A in Oz was from NZ Mx6, made for NZ hence should be 9.2 compression.

i agree with you that AP cam doesn't add up. im working on getting some HKS timing gears and a full set of cams (all versions) and start playing
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