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I had this posted a while ago but noone seemed intersted so i will post again and see if anyone is intersted now, if not guess i can try and sell locally.

95' MX-6 RS(2.0l) 5spd
110k miles
Mods are:
Molded ITR Mugen Front lip (one of only 3 known on an mx6)
Molded Blitz Sides
Molded BC rear
17" enkei rims
Painted fogs/tails
4pt harness belts
JVC headunit
A/f,volt,Oilpsi,water temp, oil temp guages
Reverseglow guages
CAI, headers, jjrtp, muffler
NO AC, compressor died so i took it off
New pioneer 6x7's
Wired for amp/subs
Swaped/painted black interior

-2x 10" PG Octane R subs 600watt rms
-PG 1500watt mono amp
(the amp/subs may or may not be sold w/ the car depends on the offers i get)

New: 4 new tires, 215/45/17 rear 205/45/17 front, Rotor/cap/plugs/wires, Fuel Filter

Good: Runs great no major problems with it, new breaks about 8months ago from have lifetime warrenty, new clutch and Tbelt lil over a year ago, oil changed every 3-4k miles w/ synthetic. New paint only 5 months old.

Bad: No ac, interior lights do not work, was keyed on driver side, no CC either

Really i would like to get $4,000 for it, i know its high but it its a great running car not to mention a fully molded kit and new paint. But realistically i doubt that any one will take it for that, with people asking $5-7k for less modded LS i think this is a very fair price as it would cost well over $4k alone just mod the car to where it is now not to mention buying a car to mod. That said if you feel that $4k is 'too high' make a reasonable offer.

-as for the paint i am willing to get the car repainted at the place that did it this summer i will help pay 1/2 the cost to get it repainted which I was quoted at $400 to fix the key marks and repaint the entire car. the color can be changed if u want but it will cost about $6oo than. -


i can get more pics if needed, the VC is color matched to the car but w/ a black flake.


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dshawnluv said:
man what u sellin the car for lol ? u worst that wraith and im thinking about joining both of u and selling my car
Impreza 2.5rs,

I'm moving out to TX in a few months and i really need a more reliable and larger car.
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