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95mx-6lsv6 said:
Just wondering,
I have read on posts that the mx-3 flywheel weighs 15 or so less that the stock flywheel. Does anyone know the weight comparison of a mx-3 flywheel to that of a Fidanza flywheel.

I know the stock flywheel is 23 lbs and the Fidanza is 9 lbs

I am just wondering why anyone would want to spend ungodly amounts of money if they can get a flywheel that weighs relativly the same as the Fidanza.
My MX3 after machined was about 13lbs.

That said, the moment of inertia of the Fidanza may be considerably less than the MX3, pound for pound. Also, it has a replaceable friction surface, and is likely considerably stronger.(i.e. less likely to blow up and rip your ankles off)

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