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Finally hit 13's then sheared a gear!

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Finally hit 13s then sheared 3rd gear!


WEnt to the track today with Brettrod...... I can finally say I know how to launch my car. My best 60' time was a 2.067 but that was on the run where I sheared 3rd which prolly would have given me low 13s.

Seems like everytime I go to the track Im constantly fighting retarded problems with my car. First it wouldnt start, but thanks to Jordan we finally got it going. By the way Jordan sorry for being pissy on the phone it just sucked being in the staging lane for 45 minutes not being able to get my car started and giving Probes a bad name. Also thanks to Brett for standing in front of the car with me scratching his head trying to figure out what the problem was like I was. Lol.
The second problem was that miraculously I didnt have any topend for some reason and my best trap was only 104 mph! ugh!

anyway on to the vids.

YouTube - First 13 sec pass

YouTube - my sec 13 sec pass
My new best time....
YouTube - My best time!

Here are brett's runs!!!!

First run he missed a gear!

YouTube - Brett missing a gear and still beating my best time
Brett's 12.6 pass
YouTube - brett 12.6

And Bretts best time so far...
YouTube - Bretts best so far

I want to run two bolts ont he top of the supercharger bracket then bolt a flat peice of steel that runs to the middle of the belt the another bracket down to the belt then to put a hydraulic idler pulley.

I have a crank pulley that should allow me to see 10psi but it was slipping and i only got 8 towards the end which ruined my topend.....Ok tell me what you think!!!!!
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pretty cool.
hopefully i'll be up there next spring :D
Sorry I was trying to put a pic in and illustrate what im trying to do with the supercharger belt but im not used to this way of doing it so it too awhile.
ohhh. sweet.
How much Hp are you making? What kind of supercharger is that? I'm still trying to decide if I want to turbo or supercharge my car. :shrug:

**nevermind, I read one of your old threads.**
that's a great setup. now all you need to do is hold a box together! great work on the runs btw :)
The tune isnt that great at all! I was having a wiring problem which jordan diagnosed over the phone which is what makes him so good at megasquirt! I had to jump the starter becuase ms wasnt reading rpms, and My previous best mph was 108mph on only 6psi! Which means with at least two extra psi im losing power hard core. I will prolly take the car in to have the tensioner made next week then we will see about the wiring issue. After that I dunno changing trannies is getting pretty pricey now!

thanks for the complements by the way.
what track is that? looks like cecil a bit.

you need methanol injection :)
LOL man I thought you knew I had meth injection. Ive had meth for like 2 years I pieced together an ebay kit myself which cost me 100 dollars total and now I help other probe owners and mx6 owners get methanol.

I actually did a whole write up of it on probetalk. There is no way I could run the supercharger at the psi its at without it. I would melt pistons now.

But yeah it was Cecil i love that track no bs and it hooks hard everytime i go.

the issue was that I went to the dyno on wed. I dynoed first dyno at 245. This at its peak is 5whp more than my previous one, but my previous one was very linear which meant at like 4500 rpms I was at mayby 180whp. The new dyno its got more of a hump in it so at 4500 rpms im at like 210-220 whp which i love. If I would have been able to tune im confident I would have seen 270s or so at least. problem is a bolt came loose from the shaft and the car started messing up. so that went out the door.....
Omg I just found out why all the words everyone is saying are changed. That is hilarious. Has to be alot of work tho. Thumbs up for dedication guys!!!!
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