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Sorry but too find a finishline kit these days you have 2 options

1 contact Mazda importers trougth the world (i belive Europe and maybe Japan was most actual) and ask if they still have a kit on some shelve

2 too check Junkyards (again Europe and Japan) if they have a car with the kit.

The reason why these are so hard too find are that Mazda stopped selling these kits some years ago.

When i bougth my ZKW ligth grille (wich was a part of the Finishline stuff) i was told that it was the last reminding item from their Finishline parts. (no more in Norway :mad: )

Even if the Finishline kits was branded Mazda i belive Erebuni was the real manufacturer (look at both kits and you will see the similarities)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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