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firing order??

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hey guys, stupid question,

what is the firing sequence for v6 mx? did a search but couldnt find anything,,, probably wrong

jus put in my reco distributer.. carefully replaced all the leads one by one with new topgun ones. now its running like its on 4 or 5 cylinders.

wondering if i may have put a couple of leads on the wrong way. i am pretty sure i havent, but never know. i checked all the electrical connections and vaccuum hoses, dont think i missed any.

i havent got a timing light, but tried rotating the dizzy in different places, but not much change. if i get it running sorta normal, i'll pop into a mechanics and get it timed.

any help would be great.

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1,2,3,4,5,6 Sequental Firing Order.

1 3 5 Rear
2 4 6 Front

I would say you got the timming wrong.
yeah might not be the firing order but may be too much retarded or advanced..or you might not be on TDC
Go by the numbers on the dizzy for the dizzy end .. there are 2 different dizzies out there and the position of the leads is actually different..
and what silver put up for the pots..
thanx for the info guys, i'll check it out tomorrow afternoon in the light.

itching to get it running well again. cruised on sat nite and a few cars out. an early skyline wanted a bit of a run, dumped it in 3rd on the highway... and then BBRRRRRRRR...... engine cut

damn slowly drift over to the side and restart

thanx again
hey guys, fixed it.

1 and 6 were in wrong place on dizzy.

runs sweet as now. cost 600 bucks for reco dizzy and topgun leads. better than the 1400 the auto electrician quoted me.

thanx for the help guys
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