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I had a choice when I went to buy my second car.
a brand new Protege,or a used MX6. I chose MX6 because I couldnt afford the Protege.

It was a sweet deal. A black 95 MX6 LS V6 auto.
56k miles.
Only a few things I would like to fix.
First thing,the passender side window. At the bottom of the window it would appear that either the owner locked his keys in the car and tried to break in to get them,or someone actually tried to break into the car. It's nothing too serious but I would like to have it fixed.

Next thing,the lining around the outside of my front windshield is frayed a bit..How much would it be to replace?

Im looking for estimates of how much this is gonna cost me. Other than those two minor faults,the car is perfect. I'll consider appearance mods sometime in the future but right now Im po.


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dealership has quoted me somewhere around $250 for the stripping around the window so i learned to live with it..

consider a tranny cooler and full atx flush/filter change since they are very sensitive to heat and fluid quality. a transmission maintenance is required every 24k miles/2 years.

a reputable glass shop can be a solution, free of charge if you have the coverage.
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