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(FL) Powder Coated Valve Covers & IC Sprayer Kit

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Prefessionally Powder Coated Red Valve Covers. I went with another color scheme, so these are for sale. $65 shipped

IC Sprayer Kit. This is brand new, I never got around to installing it. $220 shipped.
The kit includes a 5 pound CO2 tank, bottle brackets, 14x7" spray bar, solenoid valve, all necessary fittings, 14 ft. stainless steel hose, full wide open switch, arming switch and a wiring kit.
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Do you have pics of the IC spray kit?
Do you have pics of the IC spray kit?
Oops, forgot to add the IC sprayer info. I edited the original post with pics/info on the sprayer.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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