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You guys come party with the zookinator tomorrow (saturday)

I talked to 92Mx3 about it already ... Flyswat get AIM

my AIM SN: Zookinator


Drunk beheh.


Heh, I'm downloading trillian just so I can talk to you...You should have gotten MSN :)

I'd love to go but I have 2 things holding me back..

1. I work all night saturday
2. I have the head off my '6 for the third time in 6 months

That and my wife would wonder why I'm driving to bremerton to go drink with someone I met online hehe.

992mmx3-t said:
My car=hte broke. LOL.

Mine too....And my protege....And my subaru. Why does every ****ing thing break at once?

Someone up above must dislike me.
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