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A couple of weeks back I decided to replace my stock fog light bulbs, in favor of some LEDs. I removed the stock halogen H3s and installed the LEDs I had got. Before putting everything back together I tested them to make sure everything was working correctly, and it was.

So I put everything back together and reinstalled the fog lights in to the car, but when I went to go turn them on, I got nothing. The fuse wasn't blown, so I just assumed they were defective, being that they were cheapo bulbs off of eBay.

Today I went out and bought some higher quality, xenon style halogen bulbs and they worked great. However, when it got dark out I decided to go for a test drive to try them out. Unfortunately, after about five minutes, they turned off. So the first thing to do was the check the fuse, and sure enough it was blown.

So I put another 15A fuse in and turned the fog lights on, and it blew the new fuse instantly. So clearly something is shorting out somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure where. The connections to the bulbs are fine, so I'm thinking it may be switch related. Anyone have any ideas?
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