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Re: Fog Lightbulbs, Side-Markers, and Dents

olfster said:
I want some bright fog lights, right now ive got the stock ones in there i want brighter bulbs where should i get some, and what is the sice or whatever i need, i want them to be blinding almost!

How do i take off those side-markers?

and one more question:

I have a huge dent in the side of my passenger door, many people told me i could get it rolled out, others told me to get a new door, its somebodys bumper in the door i think i can get it rolled out.

Thanks Nate
The bulb style is an H-3 bulb. You won't need more than a 100 watt bulb. Anything more and you will be drawing too much power for the stock wiring.

To remove the side markers pull the fender well open, reach in behind the housing and squeeze the two clips which hold it in.

You can get the dent rolled out and repainted if need be. Had to do this 6 months after getting my car as a truck bumper pushed it in.
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