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I have a 1989 Mazda mx6 for sale, its been fully gutted interior, meaning no carpet nor backseats.

It has a racing seat that comes with it and a transmission that has been race geared. Needs transmission put in it and from cradle put back in it. Needs both front axels bought and installed.

Will need tires...

Its a five speed shifter car.

I really love my car its the first car I bought myself in my life and I still have it in my possession. The transmission broke where CV axel connects a while back when I was using it for a newspaper route. My friend took front cradle down and took transmission out while I was sleeping one day and I bought a new transmission . my moms ex husbands son took my cradle with everything on it to the scrap yard so I bought another one but it didn't come with axels. So it now needs those. I havent been back out there to put it back together.

Have transmission and cradle ready to be installed..

Just wanted to see at least if anyone thinks it has any kind of value.

I live in burlington nc, caswell nc

If anyone wants to get paid to do physical work I may can pay to have it fixed as well..
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