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I have a 1989 MX6 LX for sale, 1100 is blue with blue insides, clean engine. I just replaced the head in Jan. Only thing wrong with it is the speedo cable is broken, just haven't fix it yet, and it died once for unkown reasons, was able to jump it and it has not done it again. The alt is fine and bat is less than a year old. I have installed a sunroof from a GT in it, as well as the factory radio from the GT. It will also come with a fuel pump, and the wheels from the GT which say Mazda on it.

My wife was driving this daily to work, I drive a Focus, but she has decided to start driving are Bronco again, she is a classic and has been in the family since 79.

The car only has 91000 Orginal miles on it. There is one dent on the DS Fender where I trip and hit it, other than that is in good condition. It will be sold AS IS since I have only had it for 2 years or so.

Has current WA plates and everything. If intrested please EMAIL me at [email protected] ... I will not be logging on to MX6 every day so please if you are intrested email me at the email provided within this post. I would love for it to goto a MX6 fan. I love this car but cannot keep it, not enough room and had to decided...

Thanks and if you are intrested in pictures, since I am not sure how to post pictures on here, I will send you pics via email of the car, engine as well as the speedometer to show it is 91000 miles. Thank you...
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