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found kl31 stamp but???

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k guys i was wondering how my newly purchased 94 mx6 hauled so much ass so i read up on some threads. long story short... i found the kl31 stamp on the head under the plenum, and there is a sticker on the valve cover from a place that sells jap engines, now how long have j-spec engines been coming here (north america) because the guy i got the car from says he never swapped it and he had it for 9-10 years. but it was his brothers as new. so in 94 95 96 were these engines already bieng swapped just seems funny to me, he must have blew the klde up with low milage thats the only explanation i can think of, anyone that can clear this up would stop my head from spinning lol
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Post pics of the motor.

Look at pics of the KL ZE around the sight and see if thats what you have.
i know its a klze for sure, just wondering its age. i cant tell for sure was wondering when ppl started doing j-spec swaps to these cars
Well outside of the early hard core Honda folks "JDM" didnt catch on till the late 90's.

But people in the know always used "JDM" parts since the domestic aftermarket had so little to offer. But with out ebay and large importers back in the day you really had to know that there was something out there and really want it.

A lot of the time it was a one on one type thing involving a connection in japan. Either your own or through a friend or one of those old pre forum mail groups.
hmmm i'll have to investigate more. thanx for the info
did you come up with anything on that engine? just curious
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