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First, let's face it, I'm a newbie. Also, I'm a female with a gear-head. Now, those things out of the way, I have an issue.

I have been looking for a car for my 16 y/o daughter that might be restored into a 'cool' car for a I found an '89 MX6 for $350.00. The engine ran well, it does have an exhaust leak of some sort and from some of the posts I've read I think it should be fairly easy to fix. However, the car has a manual transmission that for some reason doesnt work in 2, 3, 4, and Reverse. After listening to the gentleman's story....(he wasnt very mechanical sounding) I began to suspect that perhaps something had happened to the transaxle during an axle replacement. He said that he had replaced the axle before he realized he had transmission problems. Hmmm, how? Anyway, does this sound like something that can be repaired or should I look to replace the transmission? And, if I have to replace the transmission, even though I know that this might be considered a downgrade, can I put an automatic in it? I have read posts going from ATX to MTX but none the other way. My daughter is very animate about wanting automatic. (I'm sorry, I cant convince her). I'm trying to weigh my options and see if this is something that might be cost effective as she really does like the car and the interior is in good shape, body is decent, tires are bald..but oh well, one cant ask for everything.

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If all those gears do not work I doubt the tranny is repairable.

And an MTX to ATX conversion will cost many times the value of what the car is worth unless you are extremely competent mechanically and have enough tools and knowledge to do that sort of things.

Labor to get a $350 1st gen with a bad tranny will be more than the value of the car by many times. I would suggest you hold out and look at something in better condition. Maybe spend it a bit more money?

Seeing how she is a teenager I don't think she would enjoy the style of the 1st gen so you might look into getting a 93+ Mx6. You can get a 93 4 cylinders Mx6 with an ATX for below $1500. If you don't want to spend that much than a clean 1st gen Mx6 can be had for only a few hundred more than your initial choice. i would personally hold out a bit more and buy a better conditioned Mx6 (maybe a 2nd gen.) Tell her your going to give her a Christmast present worth waiting for. If i was a teenager I'd definately wait for a sexy (or as most females call it "cute") 2nd gen than a rather bold and masculine 1st gen.

And if you have to buy that specific car you might want to ask in the 1st gen section for help. many of the members on here will do repairs and even give away parts for other members in need. One reason that kept me in this community is the amount of knowledge and goodwill of everyone involved. People will often give away things you need if you are willing to pick it up (as in MTX tranny.)
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