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FPR question

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So if your Fuel pressure regulator is faulty, would that prevent the computer from telling the disty to fire? i.e not supplying voltage to the disty
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I don't think so either
Ok, next question in the series is: Would a faulty FPR reading going to the comp prevent the injectors from operating? This seems poossible due to tthe fact that without sufficent pressure in the line, the injectors wouldnt have enough to fire.

The problem I'm having is that my injectors arent firing and I'm still not getting spark. The Mazda dealership tested the injectors and they were all in working order, but they arent getting the signal to open/close. I'm sure these 2 problems are dependent on each other as the Haynes manual states there are 3 systems dependent on each other in order to get spark. If it helps, my Driverside fan runs continously. But I believe this to be a relay issue
I thought the injectors got their signal from the distributor (the distributor "knows" where the camshaft is, where the valves are, where the pistons are, so knows when to give spark and when to fire the injectors). So a bad disty can mean no spark and no injectors firing. (Plus, our distributors so commonly go bad).

I see you have a 93. Have you checked the codes?
I wanted it to be my distributer. You have no IDEA how bad I wanted the problem to be my disty. But I'm on my 4th one and it appears the disty isnt the problem. I cant check the codes as I put a new engine in, and it hasent been started as it doesnt turn over. Without it having started, it wont give me codes. I have the 12V going to the smaller connector on the disty, so I know it's getting power, but have no idea why it wont fire the plugs. Guessing it's missing a signal from the larger connector
I wonder if the timing belt has broken? Check to see that the disty rotor is turning when a friend cranks the engine.
Can you try another ECU?
The timing belt is new, but that seems to be the dam problem. I bought the 2.0l engine from a JDM importer, and I made a foolish mistake. I thought the timing was off, but it was indeed correct. Put it in the car and got spark. The I realised I had o compression, so I corrected the timing, got compression, but lost the spark... This confuses me as I only have 1 Crankshaft Position sensor, and its in the disty(So replacing it 4 times should have yielded some results.

Everet, that's going to be my next step
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