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FREE comp sub

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FREE labtac comp sub no need 4 it so she's free pick up only

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free shipping?
wow 52 views & no 1 wants a free sub lol..
Sure I'll take it. how much would you want for shipping to Calgary?
^ w/e it cost 4 shipping PM ur addy so i can get you a qoute see if you want 2 pay the shipping fee
bump already in a box for shipping just pay the shipping & she is yours need this cluter out of here! it's around 20/25 bucks depands where you are from>?
I'm still waiting on your address, so I can sent you the cash. :confused:
are you giving me paypal or money order or stright cash through the mail i gave you my paypal addy in a PM not sure if you got it or not i will give you my paypal once again

[email protected]

straight cash is the easiest for both of us, cheapest for me. I dont have Paypal anymore, my account is fubar.
^ pm'd you~
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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