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Free Stock 2nd Gen Spoiler

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Its black and needs to be painted.

Anyone want it?
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Dont you know what a stock spoiler looks like?
Just wanted to see it and if it would look ok on a 1st gen!:p
Okay I will take a picture of it tomorrow. Cant right now a few of the guys are here at the house.
Lambera, WTF is that "thing" with all the teeth and is dancing in your avatar?!?:confused:
His name is fizgig, from an 80's movie
Renton, WA

text me 206 948 4714, im here all day.
i think that thing would not so hot on a 1st gen. square angles meets smooth and round? i don't think so. :p

ps. fizgig=the shit
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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