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Friendly call-out to BShark! Stock plug wire/ spark plugs in US & Japan

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BShark and I got into a friendly discussion on facebook and I just wanted to clarify what were the stock wires and plugs in the US market and the Japanese market. I was under the assumption that denso came with the kl motors in both markets, but he says they came with ngk plug wires stock in japan. I'm probly wrong since i'm guessing, but who knows for sure?

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If it helps, I pulled ngk plugs and ngk black wires off of my ZE when I first got it. Still had OEM mitsubishi alternator and everything, and some sort of japanese aftermarket oil filter.

I think I still have them so just let me know if you need any pictures later on.
I just bought stock wires from a US dealer, and they are ngk.
From what I gather from searching it looks like the older 6's used denso plugs and leads and then later on they started using ngk plugs and leads. My first klze came with denso plugs and leads, but my second one had no leads, but ngk plugs. But who knows the replacements history on a these things.

pep boys sells ngk stuff around here...
Ah, my first time seeing this. It was a little surreal seeing my screename in a thread title :p

I was also just going on my personal experience of pulling NGK parts off two diff KLZEs I've purchased...I think I still have the original plugs lying around somewhere...
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