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front brakes

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i have noticed that the front near side disc has a lip on the edge were as the front off side hasnt . has anyone had a problem with sticking front calipers if so has anyone got any fixs . (car is not pulling when driven even in braking)
also i am thinking of getting black diamond discs and green stuff pads any tips on fitting.
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by spiro pope
(I can think of much better things to spend my hard earned on than new caliper...)
Been there, seen it, done it, now dont take this the wrong way but your brakes are your life ! and others!

I can tell you by experience that in the end there not worth the hassle of mucking about with .

I've just spent the money on a new set up front and see what a differance they do make

John I will have to disagree with you on the worn wheel bearings being the most likly cause , yes this would cause this prob, but past history of these calipers must first point to partial piston seizure.

roland :) now stopping in style :p
by Spiro
Hope you don't take my comments the wrong way, but I just cant resist a friendly argument
not at all m8 ;) its just my personal thinking on this, especially since I paid £50 for a 2nd hand caliper 6 months ago only for the same thing to happen again :(

when for only £65 each including exchange refund I got new /refurb units with 2 year / 24000 mile guarantee. IMHO a very good price

as for the insurance / liability debate on 3rd parties well , it is a suing culture now judging by the TV ads :mad:

I foresee, Eurocrats introducing laws that will seriously undermine modding , on what and who , can change components on motors in the future, take Swiss Type approval laws as an example, this might be a one sided view but the manufactures would love you to not touch there products at all , more work for the franchise and new spares = profit and a open check book to charge what they like -- as if they don't now :mad:

Right off my soap box and back to the " FILM" @- @- @-

roland :cool:
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