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About a month ago i rear ended a old checy pickup in a blizzard. My mx6 sustained damage to the hood, lights, rad (major things). The bumper was left untouched because the pickups bumper was higher than mine.

After a month, they gave finally fixed the car. (long story short, it was done in 2 weeks. but they test drove it and forgot to put a hood latch on, resulting in the hood flying off the car and landing on the road at about 50 km/h. Hood destroyed, roof damaged etc)

Now that i have it back, i have noticed a problem. Everytime the wheel is turned (mostl about 8 km/h+) i hear a clunking sound coming from the fornt end somewhere. It does not happen while stationary. The passenger says he can feel it on his feet. The sound also occurs sometimes when the wheel is not turned but at a higher speed (50km/h+). 95% of the time though it is related to the wheel being turned.

What do you think it could be?
I will be bringing it back to the collision center in 2 days.

Does anyone think the insruance company will pay for this, since it was a result of the accdient but never got fixed?

Any help at all is great.
Thanks alot
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