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I have a 1995 MX6 LS. My car has developed a problem in that when I am driving above 55mph there is a distinct vibrating in the steering wheel.

My first thought was that either my tires were out of round, wheels were out of balance or both. I purchased a new set of Potenza RE92 tires recently (within the last two weeks) and still no change.

Can anyone give me some incite as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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Does it vibrate when you are accelerating/cruising, or when you brake above 55?? If it vibrates/pulsates when you are braking, it is your rotors. Get them resurfaced.

If not, and it does it anywhere above 55, I have no idea, because you got new tires. Did you get all four? Did they balance your rims?

How about a noise that goes together with this vibration?
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