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Front mount dimensions

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Hey guys im really keen on upgrading my intercooler and iv searched through all the forums but i cant seem to find the specifications for what sizes will fit inside the standard front bar on a 1g mx6. Also if i buy a front mount off ebay and most of the other things i want it should be cheaper when i take it to a mechanic to fit it all right? It makes sence to me haha. Id prefer not to have to modify my front bar but if i have to cut a little out of it then so be it. Thanks for your help guys!
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i used a cheap one like the super cheap ones that were out

get some L brackets from bunnings, there was already one hole for the bracket so i only had to drill one more and it sits tight as

i only had to take a little piece of the back of the bumper, and it fits nice

then just get some radiator hoses to make some quick angles, i have left mine as is for now, then just take it off and get someone to make it up in something nice
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sweet as what were measurements for that one? looks really good and has a good fit ay
that is a 600 x 300 x 75 cooler.
I dunno Scott, looking at the pics it looks like it's 600 x 300 x 76 :p

The one that I have in my car is approx. 600 x 300 x 50, and like an idiot, I had my a/c taken out :/ My brothers car has a x 76 one, it was a nice fit. You have to do some Mr Squiggle work with the pipes to curve them back into the engine bay, but it's well worth the work. It's not too bad to do overall.
when i go to fit it all up what are the things ill have to remove from the front to fit it on? Like i know the old intercooler will have to go but anything else?
I disconnected the air con, it didnt work anyway. I think people have left it in aswell.
Im getting rid of it all together soon, just got to get a different fan belt.
if you want a nice fit with no bumper cutting i suggest doing as everyone else has and mount the intercooler upside down. wish i had of told the shop to do it with mine, would of saved me cutting shit.
24" x 12" x 3" is close enough.

12"= 1 foot = 305mm
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