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Hey all. After a dozen years, the time has come to finally sell off my ‘88 MX6 GT with 178k on the clock. I burned a valve at 165k and rebuilt the engine with NA 8.6:1 pistons and new rod bearings, but despite following the manual to a T, 10k miles later it needs new rings and it sounds like a rod bearing isn’t too happy. As she sits, she’s basically a self propelled parts car. I’d like to get $2,000, but I’m open to offers. The car is located in Cincinnati, OH.

In addition to the car, I’ve got a spare intercooler, set of front hubs, springs, and one of the factory FOHA body kits. The rear bumper of the has a small crack, but it should be easily repairable. I’ve also got a set of 17” wheels from a 2008 Mazda 3 with good 205/45-17 Pirelli P7s.

This is off the top of my head so I might be missing something, but...

The Good:
  • Modine copper and brass radiator
  • 2.5” O2 housing and downpipe
  • EGR delete
  • 8.6:1 pistons
  • Manual ball and spring boost controller
  • Probinator chipped ECU (I still have the original EPROM)
  • Poly filled motor mounts
  • 25mm front sway bar w/ poly end links
  • AWR Front strut tower brace
  • Butterfly brace
  • 2.5” eBay “catalytic converter”
  • 2.5” Turbo Tube muffler
  • 2” exhaust
  • 90-92 (1 gen B) lower tie bar
  • 90-92 rear strut tower brace
  • AWR rear trailing links w/ poly bushings
  • 22mm rear sway bar w/ poly end links
  • Boost gauge integrated into the dash cluster
  • OEM sunroof deflector
  • Auto-dimming mirror with Homelink
The bad:
  • Low compression in #4 cylinder. Likely bad rings.
  • Rod end bearing noise. It sounded fine when I last parked it in spring 2020 but it was loud when I started it up back in February. The noise is actually lifter tick and is something the car’s always had, it’s just been forever since I drove it and assumed it was a rod.
  • Leaky rear main seal. Excess blowby from the worn rings probably dislodged it.
  • Burns oil, especially when coming off boost. May be bad valve stem seals, clogged oil drain line, excess blowby coming through the PCV system, or something else. Turbo seals feel fine, for what that’s worth.
The Ugly:
  • Cracked dash
  • Headliner is from a 90-92 MX6, so it doesn’t quite fit around the sides
  • Rear wheel well rust on both sides
  • Paint is faded to heck
I can only attach 10 photos, so the rest are located in this Imgur album. Feel free to reply with any questions, and I’ll try to answer them as soon as I can.

5E9223B1-9056-4DAA-AA0B-7D42B2C8AD31.jpeg F184081E-B8CA-489C-9BED-1A09C222EC8A.jpeg 04AF5368-DC4D-4F5B-B04F-08FBDA49BD09.jpeg 4C04C238-CFFB-4507-A7DD-80E5005C99CC.jpeg E9E1BA4E-1156-4E93-8CB7-9A212C28EF38.jpeg 1C47A476-45B7-4D10-9F3E-4787AB61F978.jpeg E145DA84-3A15-434D-A0B7-271684CDF696.jpeg 7566B797-600F-423C-8BD3-8F09DC117796.jpeg 3AF0876F-ABAB-4BD0-899D-B527E04507C7.jpeg 581A8674-C7C4-4ED3-A4F6-2E04541A1C52.jpeg
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