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I bought this car as daily driver a couple of months ago, so it comes with a valid e-test. It was safetied recently so I doubt it requires anything.

The interior is black, the drivers side seat bolster is worn and there is a broken speaker grill. Other than that the interior is in pretty good shape.

The exterior is silver, the paint is rather faded. The undercarriage is in excellent condition but there is a rust spot under the rear spoiler and one at a corner of the windshield.

I bought the car from a Mazda tech that changed the timing belt, tensioner, water pump, battery and catalytic converter as part of the sale. The car currently has a fresh set of snow tires on it.

The car has 254,000km on it of which I have put on 5k. I have driven the car daily to work for the last 2+ months and I will continue to do so until it is sold. I have averaged 470-520km per tank of gas, which I thought was excellent.(I drive a rotary in the summer that gets half that)

I had every intention of keeping the car but my parents offered me their latest off-lease vehicle at a good price so I am going to take it. I don't have room to hold on to this one so it has to go.

It will be in the trader next week for $2500 but I'll sell it here for $1900obo. I am motivated to sell so any reasonable offer will not be refused. I don't have pics. If you want it, come and buy it.

For fastest response email me at [email protected]

Thanks for looking
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