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FS: 1997 MX6 LS Black/Tan Leather

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I'll also toss in some extras I have laying around. I have a set of 10.2mm spark plug wires that are basically brand new, a set of 6 iridium sparkplugs, a working distributor and new cap/rotor, and a handheld OBD-2 code reader.

Also, the set of winter tires on 15" Aluminum Rims will be included as well.
sell me the spark plug wires i need a set :)
bought a set of tires of him yrs ago... great deal for some nice wheels...
nice guy, bump for a good seller...
good luck moving the whip... mexico? really,, for amigo
woah i thought my rust was bad... this gives me a good idea of what is going to happen though with my 97 if i dont get what rust I have fixed. Car looks good otherwise though. GL on the sale.
Bump, updated situation/price.
blab albalalalalalaala

Do you still have this car for sale? I can pick it up this weekend. Contact me at [email protected] or 647 881 9525.
Will be back in the country December 27th for a week and a half!
Back in town in 2 days!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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