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FS: 1G suspension and brake setup and MTX gearbox

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FS: My mx6, 1G suspension and brake setup and MTX gearbox

Here is a fantastic opportunity for people to buy some good upgrades for their 1g and get rid of their current stock or crap setup.

as you may know, my car was stolen and srtipped of turbo setup stero etc.

I've decided the WATMObile is going to be put to sleep unless i get a decent offer (a shame coz other than the front bumper bonnet and right front guard which all just need respraying she is absolutely mint)

EDIT: 25Sep08
Taking offers for the car as is, suspension for sale underneath is still viable, but if someone offers on the whole car for the right price. i would sell.

So it would be the whole car, inluding suspension Listed below, Motor (was good for ~150kw atw, proof of 140 on sale), gearbox (was mostly rebuilt about a year n a half ago (ive got some threads somewhere showing some of it) but it had a brand new genuine, Primary shaft, secondary shaft, complete diff including grinding away at the housing and welding in the diff pin (no this is not locking it). Overall a very clean interior, Walbro 255lph Fuel tank, Woo's Ecu, battery in boot, 3" custom Mandrel bent exhaust (Full) , 3 brand new engine mounts (the 3 important ones, not the timing belt one) catch can and a few other goodies.

Looking for $1400 fairly firm, and the buyer is responsible for getting some wheels for it to tow it away.
if you think about it, buy this car, buy Sabbai's turbo setup, and you are ready to go, respray the bonnet, bumper and front right guard, and you have a very quick, very VERY clean car for very cheap!

These are from a while ago, but the paint on all but those 3 panels i mentioned still looks this good!

but anyway, im getting rid of my suspension setup but i need the buyer to bring their standard or other setup as trade so i can keep my car rolling.

anyway here is the list of what i have for sale.

KYB struts front and rear (4ws)
KMAC super low springs all round.
Front and Rear strut braces
Rear Whiteline sway bar
Front DBA Slotted rotors (only aobut 7k kms old)
Front Calipers are 2 Piston subaru Legacy JDM (very hard to get)
Front Pads are EBC green stuff pads (only about 3k kms old)
rear pads are about 1k old Bendix advance pads
Front Control arms with urethane bushes
Brand new ball joints (still in packaging)

Im wanting your standard replacements of these items Plus $650 (Firm) for all these items.
Just add up each individual items worth and you'll be gobsmacked at how much you're saving.

Im in SE suburbs Melbourne.

the parts are still in the car, and will need next weekend to get them off, but need your parts the weekend i pull them off, as my neighbours wont like me leaving my car on stands in the court.

Another Item I'm selling is a 5 Speed manual gearbox.

SMS me on 0423 054 117 of if its after hours call..


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hey mate i will buy that 5 speed off ya tomorrow or when you get it out the car
would you sell me your front strut brace?
I already have all the other upgrades.
sorry mate. at the moment only looking for sale of complete setup
Pm me if you split it up :)
edited top post.
possibly thinking of selling the car whole
let us know if you part it out jase.
Shotgunned the liberty calipers (unless someone did it in private) :)
Shotgunned the liberty calipers (unless someone did it in private) :)
buy the suspension package!!!
I don't need it... unless you're a good salesman and can convince me lol
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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