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FS: 3 sets of H&R Wheel Studs

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I ended up buying extra studs from H&R trying to get the right setup for my FDs. New from H&R they cost $35 an axel. They are basically brand new expect for a bit of grease. I'll do $20 each set shipped, all you need to do if let me know which ones you want. You'll have to check with H&R for your specific year.

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do you have any that are essentially the stock studs?
Sorry, the 61mm I used for 5mm spacers and the 66mm were used for 15mm spacers. The 61mm would be the closest...
Sorry about the Huskers! I grew up in Nebraska...heard they lost this weekend...
yeah... thanks lol.. yeah.. we deff. look alot better then we did last year though so that's a plus about offers???
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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