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Had to sell the MX-6. I had planned to do some maintenance on it, so I bought a bunch of parts from the dealer. I am cleaning out the garage and have the following NEW un-opened parts for sale. Send me an email with a fair offer if interested to [email protected] Thanks.

I can send pictures of the parts if needed. Paypal or whatever we work out is fine by me.

Here are the parts with the prices I paid. They will be sold for less of course! Water Pump Mazda OEM 8AK1-15-010A $109.52 Timing Belt Mazda OEM F2Y1 12 205 $35.05 Spark Plug Wires Mazda OEM 0000-18-105A $28.46 Valve Cover Gasket Mazda OEM F201-10-235D $14.70 Timing Belt Tensioner Spring Mazda OEM F210-12-711B $2.50 Cam/Crank Seals (2) Mazda OEM FS0510602A $6.75 Rear Brake Pads Mazda OEM GJ83 26 38ZA $24.75 Rear Brake Hardware Kit Raybestos H17306T $10.49 Alternator Belt Gates K030300 $8.99 Ribbed Belt Gates K050420 $17.39 Air Filter Fram CA6541 $8.78 PCV Valve Fram F275 $2.69 PCV Valve Deutsch PCV162 $3.21 Spark Plugs NGK ZFR6F-11 $7.96
[email protected]
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