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Well, i have decided to put up my car for sale, i am still unsure of the results of what may come out of this, but i guess i can try.

Here is a 1994 KLZE -T pgt with 229k km's on the body and roughly 80k on the motor.

Recently replaced things done to the motor within the last 5k km's are;

Timing belt, tbta, crank pulley, one step colder spark plugs, ngk wires, fuel filter, new gaskets everywhere, thermostat, and a bunch of other related necessary car maintenances

and the mod list

-JDM KLZE 10.1
-Garrett t3/t40e 60 trim , .60 compressor .63 exhaust, Just rebuilt a few weeks ago, at Blaast Performance
-AVC Turbo pipes heat wrapped
-AVC Intercooler pipes
-6.5x2.5x29 Intercooler
-Type S Bov
-38mm wastegate at 5 psi, open dump
-OBX 10-1 FMU
-255LH Walbro
-Relocated battery to the rear using 2ga

-2.5" magnaflow cat back
-Southbend ofe stage 3
-9lb Fidanza Flywheel
-rr racing poly inserts, front and rear
-mbolin's tranny saver bracket
-MBX ss clutch line

-Eibach pro's on KYB GR2 struts
-17" MHT deep lipped rims
-some wing, that looks like an integra type r wing
-10k HID's Installed into autopal glass housings.

-7" tft TV hooked up to a ps2
-panasonic deck 50wx4
-infinity fronts, and i think panasonic rears? i dont remember exactly
-Infinity reference 1230w subs x 2 in a 4 hole ported plexiglass insulated box
-kenwood 1100w amp
-using 4ga wiring all around for subs and 2ga wiring for battery relocation
-attached to a 150amp ANL dblink fuse holder
-Triple gauge a pod piller with, lc1 wideband, and a Autometer phantom boost gauge, the third hole is left open for whatever gauge, possibly a pyrometer/egt gauge
-Center consul cubby hole has an Autometer phantom narrow band A/F gauge, and a Autometer phantom oil pressure gauge
-Near the handbrake, i have mounted in the cigarette place, 3 switches, 2 for sleepy eye mod, and one switch for interior neons; under driver and passenger feet

Black and grey cloth interior

-Some alarm, with 2 remotes. Keyless entry and panic lol

so that is all i can think of for what's in the car at the moment.

the bad;

needs or will soon need break pads
a tune, or megasquirt
engine bay needs to be organized
ac stopped working recently, i think there is a leak in the line, or the compressor is dead, ive got several spares to go with it lol

the front bumper has a pretty big spider crack from someone slowly reversing into me
there are a few dents on both doors, from jackass's hitting my door with their's
and then there is a few places of rust ; the passenger side pillar is bubling, the sides of the hood has very minor rust, and then starting to rust ever so slightly near the tail light top part
then there are random dings

thats all i can think of at the moment

the car is dark purple, in the light, and is a very very weird paint colour, it seems to have a red flake to it, overall the paint is actually not bad, after being washed it looks pretty sweet, its more blackish than purple

the car drives nicely, no bouncing idle, and i used to get 700km's to a full tank preturbo, havn't measured it post turbo yet

so i think thats it, im located in newmarket ontario, postal code is l3y 5l6





















Sorry for the poor quality pictures. the car was not washed nor cleaned interior wise.
You can also see the purple ish colour in the light which i mentioned above.

$6500OBO CDN

Also if you have a cheap s2k, ill trade this + cash for it
or a Black on black, Mazda 3 hatch.

Thanks for looking

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to much money!!! i can buy a 300hp 2000-2003 GTI with lots of safe mods in perfect shape for 6000-$7000 on VWvortex you guys need to check your selfs.. modded cars like this arent worth it.. you can jerryrig these cars and make then fast.. but top the line parts can only go on a VW... why do you think i left this site and the pittsburgh scene is dead

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go buy your 300hp gti for 6-7k and lets go to the track and tell me who wasted their money

top of the line parts only go on vw? what kind of statement is that... you pretty much just bashed every single car company out there besides your god like vw

go find me a 300hp car in the same class for 6-7k that isn't a gti

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Well my goal is to sell the car.. but there is little interest

so by summer, if the car is not sold, it will have lambo doors, a cw2 body kit and probably will be at 350whp after i throw on the ms and injectors

until i blow a tranny

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Would you trade for sports bike? 2006 GSX-R 750. Never been stunted...been dropped once...frame is still perfect, looks and yellow. nothing wrong with bike...just dont want the toy no more. anybody else? will do straight trade.
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