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FS: '95 Probe GT, Black leather, CF Hood, Kosei, Pacesetter, etc.

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I've purchased a new car and am looking to sell the GT and associated goodies. I bought the car with 80,000 miles on it, and it now has 136,xxx miles on it. Details are as follows:

*1995 Probe GT V6
*5-speed manual trans
*136,xxx miles
*Rio Red
*manual windows, locks, power mirrors and cruise control
*Black cloth interior - interior was originally grey, bought 95+ black interior and did a complete swap, except it still has a grey airbag cover. Currently has cloth seats from a 93 or 94 (see additional goodies below)
*5-star wheels with Bridgestone Blizzaks mounted (awesome snow tire)

Mods installed on car:
*VIS Carbon Fiber hood - ~6 years old, clear is getting faded/cloudy. Has scratches.
*Pacesetter Catback Exhaust - installed this summer, only a couple thousand miles on it.
*Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks and struts, with Tokico springs - installed last summer, maybe 10-15k miles on them?
*Addco 22mm rear sway bar
*PRM cold air intake
*B&M short throw shifter
*JVC flip down headunit
*Infinity reference front speakers, Polk rear speakers
*Rear windows and hatch tinted 20%, 20% tinted front windows included, but not installed (un-tinted windows installed)
*Hella H4 headlight conversion
*No rust, maybe a small ding here or there, but NOTHING that I can even recall

Problems with the car:
-Paint is fading, it doesn't look too bad, but it doesn't look that great either
-Rear and front bumpers have scrapes on them from stupid parking lot drivers
-CF hood is getting cloudy (never painted over), stupid stray cats have sat on it during the winter and scratched it
-Leaks oil from around the oil filter area.
-Probably burns oil too, in total I put about 1.5-2 quarts of oil in the car between each oil change.
-Seems to run a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit rough when it first starts up. Not bad really, but not perfect. Once it's warm it runs flawlessly. Doesn't seem to be low on power though.
-VRIS #1 solenoid never opens, so it's tied open. Was like this ever since I bought the car.
-One of the fog lights has a busted lense

Overall the car is in fairly good condition. It's not in great cosmetic condition, but there's nothing wrong with it that new paint wouldn't fix. The transmission is great, clutch grabs fine. I think it would be a good candidate for an engine transplant though. It runs fine, but it leaks/burns oil.

EXTRAS AVAILABLE AT A DISCOUNT with purchase of car:

Black leather seats, fronts and back (rear lower seat is from an Mx6, everything else is from a Probe) see pics on cardomain link below.
$500 obo / $300 with car

Kosei K1 17" wheels (~17lbs each, slightly less) with almost bald tires. see pics on cardomain link below
$350 obo/ $150 with car

ALT-298 17" wheels & 235/45/17 Nankang tires, see pics on cardomain link below
$450 obo / $250 with car

Murrays reman distributor with LIFETIME warranty. Less than 500 miles on it. It sits in the box in my hatch as a backup in case the disty dies (most experienced probe owners know what I'm talking about!). I have the receipts, so if it fails you can take it back to murrays and get a new one for free (indefinitely...if that one fails, you get another for free, and so on and so on). $175 obo / $100 with car. New price is over $300.

PRICE: $1200 for the car, add the leather seats for $300 more (ONLY IF YOU BUY THE CAR), the Koseis for $150 more (ONLY IF YOU BUY THE CAR), the ALT-298s for $250 more (ONLY IF YOU BUY THE CAR).

PICS (NOTE, these are VERY current, only a couple weeks old. The car is FILTHY in these pics. Look at my cardomain page to see how it looks after a wash and wax) Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Dave Koz's 95 Probe GT - Livonia, Michigan

Located in Livonia Michigan.

I wrote this up in a hurry, so if there are any questions just let me know! If I think of more I'll add more :)
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if your willing 2 drive 2 canada i will buy this off you =)
if your willing 2 drive 2 canada i will buy this off you =)
Eh, maybe if I don't get any local interest, as I'd have to arrange for a ride back and I don't know what hassles I'd be in for in taking something across the border to sell.
yeah i understand but.. just make the bill of sale give me the ownership 2 the car & i will deal with the rest
I would meet you at the border for this
I would meet you at the border for this
If you're serious, email me at [email protected] and we can work something out :tup:
Semi-related, but I got the shift boot. Thanks for that
In the future please do not use links when displaying images.
How about selling both sets of rims to me sep? I already have 3 kl cars at my house I just want the rims lol.

Tucson, AZ 85705

sent you this in an email too
according to, shipping to 85705 is around $165, so you'd be looking at ~$630 for the ALTs with shipping and the cost of boxes. Probably not worth it, but I guess if you really want them I'd be willing to ship...
I want both but its ok if you have the others sold don't worry about it.
Car is sold, Kosei wheels are sold! Black leather and black wheels still available!
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