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FS: '96 MX-6 LS w/ mods

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See below for mods. Make me an offer. I'm looking to get about $2K for it. Pics comming soon

The car has been modified with all the equipment listed below. I have all receipts and paperwork from part manufactures and mechanics. Car is in central New Jersey. All mods have under 100 miles on them and haven't even had a chance to be broken-in to to specifications on break-in procedures yet, however its all in the paperwork (breaks, clutch, exhaust etc..) The body and original motor have approx 90K miles on them. The ZE motor was garunteed from Midwest Engines that it had less than 35K miles on it however its exact miliage I do not know. It was very clean when I recieved it, both inside and out, no sludge. All the gaskets, seals, pumps, belts, clutch cylinders, altinator, spark plugs, etc are all brand new, again, with less than 100 mi on them. Color is cherry-red.

1996 MX6 LS 5-Spd 2.5L KLZE~ MSD Controlled VRIS, Thermoblok Spacers, URUDP, HotShot Intake w/ K&N, HotShot Headers, Borla Cat-Back, CM Stage II "R" Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, Poly Engine Mounts, Magnacor Ignition Wires, Optima RedTop, Braided Clutch Line, Ultimate STS, Eibach Pro-Kit, Tokico Illumina's, Addco Anti-Sway Bar w/ mm2587 endlinks, RSTB, MBX Dual Feed FPR, Walbro 255 ltr/hr HP, KVR Slotted Rotors and Pads w/ Goodridge brake line kit. (More Comming Soon)
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Is it just me, cause I see nothing. =/

No link, no pics, no info, no list of mods, not even a color... :tdown:

Edit -

Believe this is it..?
Yeah, thats it, the info is in my signatre. I don't have any photo's at the moment.
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