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fs ecu upgrades?

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I have not been able to find anything about any ecu upgrades for the 2.0 fs :tdown: Anyone have any suggestions? My car has just bolt ons and im just lookin for a lil extra. Also are there any other cams available other than the ze cam on corksport?
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Yeah you probably won't find anyone making ECU upgrades for the FS. Standalone is your only option
yikes! stand alone for an $800 car just isn't happenin! oh well, lookin for a v6 at the moment. Love this car, just has no sack lol
anyone in the new england area have a v6 mx6 for sale????????:angel:
The I4 mx6 is ripe for a turbo setup. They can make pretty good power when done right. Then you can justify the standalone system. :tup:
I like the way you think chef!
just how bad is it swapping in a megasquirt setup? price isn't all that bad and I have a fair amount of mechanical ability.
any estimates on how long it'd take to setup ms properly? I'm a weekend warrior, so take that in account lol
I didn't install mine myself but I would guess that if you are doing it yourself and it's a plug and play unit it wouldn't take more than a weekend.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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