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Hi im selling my 89 Probe gt turbo. The car has less then 70xxx miles on it and the exterior is white with gray interior id like to get 2200 OBO I mean just in mods it has alot of stuff done to it so i think its worth it. This car is very FAST!!!

Ive owned 3 2nd gens before this 1st gen and this car is just to much for me im deff not used to something this quick but i have a love for 2nd gens. And i like them better then 1st gens this car would smoke any car ive ever owned but it just doesnt handle like my 2nd gen did nor do i like the way they look compared to 2nd gens.

The car has the following performance mods

Thomas Knight T3 Turbo with 1500 Miles
Greddy FMIC with 2.5" Mandrel Bent Wrapped IC Pipes
Blitz BOV
Turbonetics Couplers, Breeze T-bolt clamps
NGK Colder Range Plugs
Aftermarket Fan
3" Mandrel Bent Downpipe
3" Dynomax Bullet Muffler
Walbro High Pressure 255 Pump
Jay-B 440 ECU
Cone Filter Setup
Clutch Replaced 1500 Miles ago
Transmission rebuilt 1500 Miles ago
Prd Short Shifter
MX-6 Rear Strut Tower Brace

The exterior of the car isnt bad just has a few dings for being an 89 and it also has 17 inch Koing toxxins with kumho tires and they still have abit of life on them. The Interior just has all power options a Pioneer cd player and an autometer boost and a/f gauge.

The Car is being ran on 15lbs of boost and made 227whp and 292tq. Its very fast and it did beat an Evo and a 350z I GOT THE VIDS. I just want more of a daily driver and the exhaust on the car is loud just letting you know. Everything works on the car but the a/c is taken out.

Feel free to give me a PM if interested or you can email me at [email protected] and here is the link to some pics of the car Thank you

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i would so buy that if i could afford getting it here to FL
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